Rare Kew Gardens 50p sells for £190 on eBaydo you have one in your wallet?

A RARE 50p coin has sold for nearly £200 on eBay as it features one of the most sought after designs in circulation.

It’s no ordinary 50p coin as on the reverse side, the famous Chinese Pagoda from Kew Gardens is depicted.

The 50p coin sold for 380 times more than its face value

The 50p coin sold for 380 times more than its face value
超过 20 bids were placed on the 50p coin

超过 20 bids were placed on the 50p coin

Because it’s so different to other 50ps though, bidders are usually willing to pay much more than its face value.

As many as 12 bidders thought so anyway as they rocketed the value of this particular copy to £190 after 30 bids.

The listing started at just 99p but it soon soared to 380 times the actual denomination of the coin just days later.

It’s no surprise as there are a number of factors that make the coin desirable to collectors.

这 50 pence piece was released in 2009 and only 210,000 were minted which is only a fraction compared to more common 50ps.

The Kew Gardens coin tops Change Checker’s scarcity index 也, and it’s in the top 10 rarest coins according to The Royal Mint as well.


Rare £2 coins: 这 13 most valuable two pounds in circulation


Rare £2 coins: 这 13 most valuable two pounds in circulation

Can I make a mint from a rare coin?

The Kew Gardens 50p always does well, 一 sold for £142 the other week, meanwhile another went for £185 not long before that.

So it’s always worthing having a rifle through your change to see if you have any rarities of your own to boast.

Other rare 50p coins to look out for feature the 2012 奥运 and depict various sporting events,

If you find a rare coin in your change you could make a lot of money from it.

The Royal Mint won’t issue many unique styles, so avid coin collectors are constantly on the hunt for the newest and rarest.

稀有的 error coins often sell for a lot of money on eBay toothese will have some noticeable fault that happened in the minting process, but their flaws often mean they rocket in value.

Always be cautious of fakes 尽管, as they’ll often show up online.

You can check it’s the real deal by looking at how many people have been willing to bid for it in the pastand how much they’ve driven the price up by too.

Experts like Coin Hunter 或者 The Royal Mint will check if your change is legitimate and worth what others are saying too.

There’s no hard and fast rule of how much a coin is worth though, and it’s really only worth what someone is willing to pay.

You should also always keep in mind that on eBay a buyer could pull out, which means the coin won’t have sold for the price it says it has.

Rare coins and valuable notesis yours worth a mint?

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