Real reason Kim Kardashian pushed for $200k a month child support from ex Kanye

KIM Kardashian insisted that Kanye West paid child support in order to show he is “serious about co-parenting”.

Der Reality-Star, 42, and rapper, 45, reached a divorce settlement last month, and it was revealed that Kanye will be paying $200k a month towards their children.

Kim Kardashian wanted Kanye to pay child support to show how seriously he is taking it

Kim Kardashian wanted Kanye to pay child support to show how seriously he is taking itAnerkennung: Getty
Kim and Kanye share four children

Kim and Kanye share four children

Despite being a multi-millionaire in her own right, sagten Insider Kim – who shares North, Heilige, Pslam, and Chicago – felt it was important for Kanye to make the gesture.

Sie sagten: “Kim wanted Kanye to pay an amount that showed she was serious about them co-parenting and that he would notice coming out of his bank account every month.

“It’s the only thing she can control about their relationship right now.

“She doesn’t need the money, so she’s going to put it aside for the kids. Same with Kanye’s bachelor pad next door to her houseshe doesn’t need it, but she doesn’t want him living there.”

The Kardashians star and her Yeezy founder ex will get joint custody of their four kids.

Documents obtained by TMZ say they will have equal access to the kids, though sources said that Kim will have them most of the time.

Sources claim that it’s his share of the cost to care for and maintain the lifestyle of his children and it’s to be wired directly into her account on the first of every month.

In addition to that sum, Kanye is responsible for 50 percent of his kidseducational expenses and 50 percent of their security costs.

The settlement also saw Kim getting the $4.5million house Kanye had bought next door to her.

Kanye’s billion-pound empire is on the verge of collapse after he made a series of vile anti-Semitic remarks.

obwohl Bryan sich entschied, nicht über das Thema zu sprechen Gap and Adidas have cut ties with him, which is set to impact his bank balance.

Kim’s rep has been approached for comment.

Kanye is headed to financial difficulty

Kanye is headed to financial difficultyAnerkennung: AP