Restaurant se waarskuwing ná klante met 'onbeheersde kinders’ word met toeslag getref

DINERS at a plush restaurant have been warned they will be slapped with a cash penalty if their kids arescreaming or uncontrolled”.

Angie’s Oyster Bar & Rooster, in Singapoer, has come under fire for the surcharge as some customers insist they will not return.

The restaurant in Singapore charges parents with 'uncontrolled' kids

The restaurant in Singapore charges parents with ‘uncontrolled’ kindersKrediet: Nuusflits
A text from the restaurant sent to a diner who made a reservation

A text from the restaurant sent to a diner who made a reservationKrediet: Nuusflits

Others have defended the policy, egter, saying they “verstaan” where the managers are coming from.

Bosses of the seafood restaurant said they implemented the £6.26 (10SGD) surcharge around a month ago following a number of complaints from diners.

Those looking to reserve a table are now hit with a blunt warning.

A text sent to a customer from the restaurant said: “We would like to inform you that we do not have any baby chair available as we are not a kids-friendly restaurant.

Screaming Children Surcharge: All children are welcome to dine at Angie’s. Egter, screaming/uncontrolled children disturbing other guests will NOT be tolerated. Charge will apply $10.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Despite complaints over the controversial policy, restaurant bosses doubled down on their rule.

They told local media: “Prior to the introduction of this policy, we were receiving comments or complaints from other customers on a weekly basis.”

One mum took to TripAdvisor to slam the rule, giving the eatery a one-star review.

Sy het geskryf: “We wanted to head back to Angie’s so we made a reservation and indicated that we were bringing our child along.

Angie’s then got back to us informing us that they were not a kids-friendly restaurant and that there would be a ‘screaming child surchargeif a child was ‘screaming/uncontrolledand this would ‘NOT be tolerated.

This was the first time we were informed of this even though we had been on other occasions.

While I understand that a screaming child would disturb other guests, I thought Angie’s could have taken a more polite approach.

Am pretty put off by the reply. Guess we won’t be heading back.

Bosses replied to the outraged mum, saying theypride ourselves in providing a pleasant environment for all guests”.


Hulle het bygevoeg: “Over the last few months, we’ve received an increasing number of complaints of children running around unattended or disturbing other tables during the service period.

Not only is this dangerous as servers are often moving around with hot food and sharp cutlery, but it is also disrespectful to other diners who may wish to dine in a quiet and comfortable atmosphere.

In these instances, our team speaks with the parents or caretakers and they are almost always able to manage the situation. Egter, we occasionally experience situations where nothing is done and the matter is ignored altogether.

The bosses insisted they felt they hadno choicebut to impose the penalty.

Hulle het bygevoeg: “It pains us to impose the policy but it was never our intention to diminish any of our guestsexperience.

Mum-of-two Nimran Kaur, 34, who has visited Angie’s Oyster Bar & Grill before, defended the penalty but asked for clarification.

She told local media: “I understand where the restaurant is coming from. But this policy might open the restaurant up to further disputes.

“If my child is being noisy, and another table complains, do I get a warning, or am I charged 10 dollars already? What if my kid quietens down after that? And who decides what is too much noise? The manager?”

Another diner, Anthea Koh, 39, suggested the eatery should simply introduce a dining room only for families with small children.