Rishi slams Putin for driving ‘worst economic crisis since 2008’

RISHI Sunak has slammed Vladimir Putin for driving the ‘worst economic crisis since 2008’.

The PM told the House of Commons that Russian aggression in Ukraine was a significant factor in the global economic crisis.

Mr Sunak was speaking to the Commons today

Mr Sunak was speaking to the Commons today信用: 天空

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said there was ashared determinationamong world leaders at the G20 summit torestore stability, deliver long-term growth and drive a better future, one where no single country has the power to hold us back”.

Making a statement to the Commons on his visit to the G20 summit, Mr Sunak told the Commons: “In just a few moments the Chancellor will build on these international foundations when he sets out the autumn statement, putting our economy back on to a positive trajectory and restoring our fiscal sustainability.