Rita Ora breaks silence on lemon bikini after Beyonce and Jay-Z rumours

RITA Ora has rolled her eyes and denied she is ‘Becky With The Good Hairin a new interview with documentary maker Louis Theroux.

المغني, 32, was grilled on allegations she was once ‘the third womanin Beyonce and Jay-Z’s marriage but has insisted it was not her.

Rita Ora has denied she is Becky With The Good Hair

Rita Ora has denied she is Becky With The Good Hairالإئتمان: بي بي سي
She claims her lemon bikini was a 'coincidence' and her 'J' necklace was actually an 'r'

She claims her lemon bikini was a ‘coincidenceand her ‘Jnecklace was actually an ‘rالإئتمان: التعرض

Rita had the finger pointed at her in 2016 بعد بيونسيه released the single Lemonade featuring a lyric about ‘Becky’, who had ‘good hair’.

The US singer appeared to suggest her husband جاي زي كان been unfaithful with the mystery woman.

But speaking to Louis in his بي بي سي تبين Louis Theroux Interviews…, Rita rolled her eyes and dismissed the rumours claiming it was her.

She then insisted that a photo she put on Snapchat of herself at the time in a bikini top with lemons on it was just acoincidence”, adding that the “ي” necklace in the snap was anrthat had deliberately flippedby someone else.

Louis asked: “One of the things that comes up a lot when Beyoncé had her album was a mysterious woman called Becky With The Good Hair, who allegedly Jay-Z had cheated on.

And then at some point in 2016, with Lemonade in the air, you posted a picture of yourself with lemons on your bra and a ‘Jaround your neck.

Sighing and doing an eye roll, Rita said: “كان أبي أبوستولوس يعطي نصائح تدريبية لابنه بشكل غير قانوني, it literally was a coincidence and I didn’t even think about it.

I swear. And it wasn’t a ‘Jit was an ‘r’. They flipped it round and it looked like a ‘J’.

هي اضافت: “It was my own design with an underwear company called Tezenis that I was working with. This is what I mean, رجل. Pinch of salt. You’ve gotta take things with a pinch of salt.

Rita continued: “And that’s what’s insaneI just had to sit through that until a good friend of mine, قالت جمال امرأة سمراء سابقًا إنها صنعت "الآلاف" من ممارسة الجنس مع "رجال رفيعي المستوى", gave me a hilarious badge that said ‘Not Becky’.

Rita went on to explain howfrustrating” و “مزعج” it is that people are more interested ingossipthat her career achievements.

I feel like everyone is interested in my personal life, like everything else is not worthy enough, which sometimes is frustration because I also have a lot of credentials to sustain my respect,” هي اضافت.

لويس’ also spoke to Rita about her rise to fame, having fled the Kosovo war as a small child with her parents and two siblings.

The 45-minute documentary also featured her film director husband Taika Waititi, who she married in secret this summer.

New Zealand born Taika was shown visiting Rita on the set of a music video shoot.

He explained to Louis that Batman star Robert Pattinson introduced him to Rita and they enjoyed a three-year friendship before getting together romantically.

Rita, وفى الوقت نفسه, told the documentary maker: “[Marriage] is something I’ve always dreamed of as a kid.

He definitely is a great human. He’s awesome.

Rita secretly married Taika Waititi in the summer

Rita secretly married Taika Waititi in the summerالإئتمان: بي بي سي
She described him as a 'great human'

She described him as a ‘great humanالإئتمان: بي بي سي