Russian drone shot down after ‘flying into Nato airspace’, Ukraine claims

A RUSSIAN drone has reportedly been shot down in Ukraine after claims it flew into Polish airspace.

Reports say the drone first circled over the city of Yavoriv before flying over Poland where it was in breach of Nato territory.

The drone was reportedly assessing the damage of an attack in the city of Yavoriv, ウクライナ

The drone was reportedly assessing the damage of an attack in the city of Yavoriv, ウクライナクレジット: Twitter/@sentdefender

The Ukrainian Armed Forces said the drone first circled over the Yavoriv military base near Lviv, where it appeared to assess damage inflicted on the region on Saturday, 24 TV reports.

It was then said to have flown over Poland before returning to Ukrainian airspace where it was shot down by the country’s air defence.

A spokesperson for the Ukrainian forces said: “As we can see, the occupiers continue to carry out their provocative actions without hesitation, flying into the airspace of Nato member states.

It comes after Putin’s forces launched missile strikes just 12 miles from the Polish border with Ukraine on the weekend.

The airstrike at the Yavoriv military base near Lviv killed at least 35 people and injured another 134.

Warsaw is part of the 30-strong defensive military alliance which also includes the UK, 我ら, フランス, and Germany.

And Britain’s health secretary Sajid Javid has vowed Britain will go to war against Russia if Putin attacks a Nato country.

Mr Javid said: “We’ve been very clear from the start, with our Nato allies, that if there is any kind of attack on Nato territory then it will be war with Nato and there will be a severe response.

Even if just a single toecap of a Russian soldier steps into Nato territory, then it will be war with Russia and Nato would respond.

That hasn’t changed throughout this conflict and there would be a significant response from Nato if there was any kind of attack from Russia.





Our message has been very clear from the start. Any kind of attack, anything that touches Nato territory or impacts Nato in any significant way, then we would respond.

His comment comes as Nato allies including Britain and the US have massively bolstered deployments to Eastern Europe ここ数ヶ月で.


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