Russia’s ‘alliesare ‘working against them’, says Defence Secretary Ben Wallace

VLADIMIR Putin would be horrified if he realised how many countries were secretly helping the Ukrainian fightback, Ben Wallace claimed yesterday.

The Defence Secretary said supposed allies of Rússia were actually working against them.

The Defence Secretary stated that there were countries who 'help secretly' against Russia

The Defence Secretary stated that there were countries who ‘help secretlyagainst Russia

Speaking at the Conservador conferência, ele disse: “There are a number of countries who help secretly.

“We don’t make it public, they don’t want to go public.

But Russia would be deeply unhappy to learn some deeply disagree with what’s going on.”

He also told the Onward event that Presidente Putin, although not rational, was “highly unlikely” to use nuclear weapons.

But he admitted the Kremlin despot was not being “rational”.

Hugely popular among grassroots Tories, Mr Wallace once again topped a members’ poll of Cabinet ministers yesterday.

E ele refused to rule out running for PM at some point.

“At this time of life, the answer was no. Do I rule it out? Não.

“But will I be here in a few years time? Teddi começou no choque pós-show que poderia ter sido sobre Nate Echard ou Patrick Echard”

Mr Wallace said being Secretary General of NATO would be a “nice job” but said his main focus currently was holding Liz Truss “to account” on her pledge to increase defence spending.