Ryanair risponde al passeggero chiedendo un rimborso di £ 7 per non aver ottenuto il posto vicino al finestrino

RYANAIR has cracked up social media users online with a witty response to an unhappy customer.

The airline clapped back at a woman’s jibe when she twittato about the view from her allocated seat.

Paula posted a photo of herself at her window-less seat on Twitter

Paula posted a photo of herself at her window-less seat on TwitterCredito: Twitter
But the Ryanair account was ready with a comeback

But the Ryanair account was ready with a comebackCredito: Twitter

Il Agente di polizia "ucciso a colpi di arma da fuoco in casa", lasciando altri due critici Paula Sanchez was annoyed that she had no window next to her on the [object Window]despite choosing her seat on the app.

She posted a photo of herself sitting next to the blank interior side of the plane without a view.

In the caption she sarcastically called out Ryanair'S volo booking system and demanded a refund of the £7 seat allocation fee.

Lei scrisse: “When you pay for a window and you get no window? Who is giving me the money back?"

But rather than bowing to Paula’s commands or apologising for the unexpected seat type, Ryanair replied with a cheeky comment a day later.

Il twittare [object Window]: “We sell seats, not windows, Paula.

Under the banter of the caption, the airline shared a photo of an employee pointing to the flight booking system on a Telefono.

A closer screenshot shows a notification popping up over Paula’s selected seat clearly warning her there is no window.

The joke sent Twitter into an uproar of laughter as 2,266 people retweeted their post and 55.8K liked it.

Several comments joined in the chuckles with more sarcasm.

uno ha chiesto: “Fuming. Was just about to order a double glazed window from you.

Un altro ha commentato: “I’m with Ryanair on this one. If you pay four quid to fly to Benidorm straight from Grimsby Wetherspoons at 3am or six quid to some rural Slovakian airport made of old shipping containers then you get what you pay for.

Un terzo ha scritto, “Maybe you should offer BYOW (bring your own window)”.

Mentre un altro ha detto, “Paula’s been well and truly done here. Bravo Ryanair…. Seems Paula booked a direct flight to banterville…

But others were disappointed by Ryanair’s humourous response to Paula’s complaint.

uno ha detto: “It’s the rudest answer by a custumer assistant I’ve seen in my life. Not everything is about price.

E un altro ha aggiunto: “Bit of an attitude here Ryanairremember customers, however annoying they may be, make your payday possible! Show a bit of respect!”

Paula herself added more explanation to her disappointment, detto: “It doesn’t mention that when you’re picking a seat of course, since it has no idea what plane you’re gonna be flying on.

“The screenshot Ryanair has attached is clearly from the website; lots of people use the mobile app tho and i’ve never seen that one tell you about windowless…”.

The Sun has contacted Ryanair for comment.

The tiff with Paula isn’t the first time Ryanair has got customers giggling on Twitter.

A maggio, the airline took a swing at those who work in criptovaluta after its value slumped.

Il twittare joked private jetsetters would have to become Ryanair passengers as their incomes wobbled.

The caption read: “Crypto bros yesterday vs. Crypto bros today #welcomeaboard

Just last month, the account also replied to a complaining customer with sarcasm.

The passenger had tweeted: “13 years since i vowed i’d rather walk than get on another Ryanair flight, i find myself here.

Così the airline responded: “Your step count must be huge. Welcome back.

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Ryanair’s back-chat to Paula comes less than a month after a man divided opinion by refusing to move from the window seatdespite another passenger paying for it.

He explained his predicament on Reddit, and asked if he was on the wrong.