Rylan rivela aggiornamenti shock sulla salute della mamma Linda mentre i fan inviano i migliori auguri

STRICTLY star Rylan explained his mum Linda’s sudden absence from his radio show.

The It Takes Two host, 34, is usually joined by his mum for his BBC Radio 2 mostrare, as Linda chats to a number of her favourite stars and talks to callers on the phone.

Rylan updated fans on his mum's health after her sudden absence

Rylan updated fans on his mum’s health after her sudden absenceCredito: Instagram
The DJ said Linda had been too unwell to appear on his radio show recently

The DJ said Linda had been too unwell to appear on his radio show recentlyCredito: Canale 4

Presenter Rylan updated fans on Linda’s disappearance saying his mum had been too poorly to appear on the show latelybut announced that she’ll be returning to Rylan on Saturday tomorrow.

Rylan wrote: “Just a note to say. Mummy Linda hasn’t been on the show lately as she hasn’t been too unwell but she’s doing good now… thanks for all your messages. She’ll be back tomorrow.

Many fans flocked to send their best wishes to the Celebrity Gogglebox star.

Uno ha scritto: “Sending healing hugswe never stop looking for Linda.

A second posted: “Good to hear Linda’s doing better. The show’s always ace but it’s never quite the same without the phone call to your mum!”

Un terzo aggiunto: “Glad to hear she’s doing well now.

TV favourite Rylan previously said that Linda struggles with Crohn’s disease and revealed he so that she could be near to him.

The pair previously took time off from Scatola degli occhiali due to Linda’s struggle with the condizione for which there is no cure.

Speaking about his bond with his mum, Egli ha detto: “I cannot imagine my life without her. I mean she has gone through quite a lot with her health, she has got Crohn’s disease.

She is on a drip now feed now like pretty much 24/7 whenever she can get on it.

I will do anything for my mum. Piace, she will not listen. Gogglebox is the easiest thing I have ever done because I literally sit on my kitchen sofa and they go, ‘right here we goand I don’t have to say a word.

It is the easiest money I’ve ever made in my life because I press one button and she’s off. And she literally has no idea.

Eearlier this year Strictly: It Takes Two host Rylan showed off his impressive home.

And he said his mum can’t resist popping over unannounced to the amazing pad because she lives so close.

He shared: “With how my life is I was lucky enough that I was able to build my mum a house and get her that, and it’s five minutes up the road from me. But the worst thing I ever did was give her my gate code.

Recalling a time his mum caught him off guard and burst in, Ha aggiunto: “I will lie to her and be like, ‘mum don’t come round in the morning because I am working, or I’ve got training or something like that.

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I haven’tsomeone’s there. So what does she do? Nine o’clock in the morning and I’m in bed like, ‘Oh what a lovely night’, and I hear, ‘Ello!’

Well I have never bolted out of bed more quickly. She’s like, ‘whose car is that in the drive?'”

TV favourite Rylan previously said that Linda struggles with Crohn's disease

TV favourite Rylan previously said that Linda struggles with Crohn’s diseaseCredito: Instagram