S Club 7 la star Jo O'Meara rivela un aggiornamento sulla chirurgia mentre viene portata di corsa in ospedale

S CLUB 7 star Jo O’Meara has shared a new health update with fans while in hospital.

The 43-year-old singing star was rushed to hospital in agony in September and revealed she needs an urgent op to prevent further damage.

S Club 7 star Jo O’Meara shared a health update with fans while in hospital

S Club 7 star Jo O’Meara shared a health update with fans while in hospitalCredito: Instagram/jo_omeara
Jo explained that they'd discovered a blood clot during her operation

Jo explained that they’d discovered a blood clot during her operationCredito: Instagram/jo_omeara

Back in hospital, Jo has now told fans doctors discovered a blood clot while they operated on her back.

She’s been experiencing back pain, and doctors had to remove the dangerous clot while the star stayed in hospital over a period of eight days.

Taking to social media, Jo told fans her operation had gone well but shared the news about the blood clot.

Lei scrisse: “UPDATE 8 days in hospital and still here! The surgery went well, there was a lot of work to do and they wasn’t surprised I was unable to walk with the amount of damage.

“They also found a blood clot in there so luckily that was removed as well ! I am recovering well , suffering very low blood pressure , but on the whole I’m getting there ! Slowly but surley !

“Thankyou for everyone who’s been concerned ! And a huge Thankyou to queens-hospital and all the lovely staff And the wonderful surgeons who are taking such good care of me !
Sending lots of love.”

Jo’s fans and friends were quick to wish her a quick recovery, with Eamonn Holmes writing: “Race you to the Finish Line ! 👍👏👏👏”

E Denise Welch aggiunto: “Honestly Jo you deserve a f…..g break!! Big hugs ❤.”

Jo previously opened up on her back pain in a candid post, come lei ha detto: "The pain has been unbearable, and I have been advised surgery is now my only option And been told this is something that’s needs doing urgently to prevent further damage to my back!

So I will be going in for the procedure tomorrow! I am beyond upset to be missing out on such a special day, and I am so so sorry 😢 I hope you all understand that this decision was very hard 😓 but I must put my health first at this time!

Sending you all so much love and please make sure to Reach for those Stars. Ma non posso cancellare questi concerti per voi ragazzi, Jo ⭐ ❤.

The star's friends wished her a speedy recovery

The star’s friends wished her a speedy recoveryCredito: Getty