Skoolseun, 16, stabbed to death with Zombie knife after being ‘cornered on bus

A SCHOOLBOY was murdered incold bloodafter being trapped on a bus and knifed in broad daylight.

Tyler Hurley, 16, was just 20 minutes from his school when he was chased onto a high-street bus and stabbed to death with a Zombie-knife, a hof gehoor.

Tyler Hurley, 16, was knifed to death after getting trapped on a bus with his killer

Tyler Hurley, 16, was knifed to death after getting trapped on a bus with his killerKrediet: Central News
Tributes have poured in for the talented boxer following his tragic death

Tributes have poured in for the talented boxer following his tragic deathKrediet: Central News

The year 11 student and talented boxer suffered two knife wounds in the savage attack, one of which went through his arm and pierced his lung.

Emergency services rushed to the scene on Chadwell Heath high street, east Londen op Maart 14 following the stabbing at around 3.55PM.

Tragies, the teen succumbed to his injuries in hospital just after midnight, berigte MyLondon.

Southwark Crown Court heard that he had been murdered over “petty grievances” and was unarmed during the brutal daylight killing.

Carlton Tanueh, 19, has pleaded guilty to owning the two large Zombie-knives used in the attack, but has denied his murder.

Prosecutor Caroline Carberry KC said: “On the afternoon of March 14 of this year, net oor 20 mins after leaving The Warren School in Romford where he was a year 11 pupil, 16-year-old Tyler Hurley was stabbed to death on a London bus.

There is no dispute in this case that Tyler Hurley was killed by this defendant, 19-year-old Carlton Tanueh.

“Carlton Tanueh had boarded that bus, die aantal 173, alone less than half an hour earlier.

His face was covered with a blue surgical mask and he was armed with two large Zombie-style knives which he had concealed under his coat.

He used one of those under the coata 68cm or 2ft 2” long with a 50cm long bladeto kill Tyler Hurley.”

Jurors heard that just minutes before the alleged murder, Tanueh had posted a Snapchat saying: “Hopped of at Heathway, had to go check out some youts (sic)”.

He had also sent a message to his girlfriend saying he might go toopp block”, a term for ‘opposition territory’, and referred to meeting a knife supplier.

The sinister attack was carried out after he spotted Tyler and a friend at the bus stop, het die hof gehoor.

After confronting the pair, Tanueh chased them back onto the bus, armed with two Zombie-style knives in his coat.

While his friend was able to make his escape through the middle doors, they closed before Tyler could leavetrapping him on board as the bus began moving down the high street.

He was murdered, the prosecution say, in cold blood intentionally and without emotion

Caroline Carberry, prosecuting

Ms Carberry continued: “Tyler was unable to leave. The doors had closed, trapping him at the back of the bus.

As Tyler moved towards the back of the bus to get away from this defendant, he thrust one of his large knives twice at Tyler’s body.

The force of the fatal stab was enough to send this defendant’s blade through the back of Tyler’s arm into his armpit and approx 24cm into his chest.

It perforated a major artery in the arm and it pieced his lung. Tyler’s injuries were unsurvivable.”

Tanueh allegedly disposed of the two knives down the side of a garden fence after fleeing the scene.

But a heroic member of the public chased him off the bus, and gave directions to a 999 operator in the pursuit.

Intussen, Tyler was rushed to hospital but despite efforts to save his life, he was pronounced dead in hospital shortly after midnight.

“You will see that Tyler Hurley did not stand a chance,” Ms Carberry told jurors.

“He could offer no resistance. He was unarmed and totally vulnerable. At the moment he was fatally stabbed, he had turned to his side and the fear on his face was obvious.

He was protecting his upper body with his right arm across his chest. He was murdered, the prosecution say, in cold blood intentionally and without emotion by this defendant.”


Tributes poured in for the schoolboy and gifted boxer following his tragic killing.

Plaas op Facebook, the teen’s former boxing gym, Romford Boxing club, gesê: “So sad to announce the death of former Romford Boxing club and Joes Academy boxer Tyler Hurley.

“16 years old and so terribly sad. Thoughts go out to Tyler’s family at this sad time. RIP Tyler Hurley. Words can’t describe how we feel at this time.”

A GoFundMe was also set up to support his family, with mum Veronica Hurley stating: “Tyler was the life and soul of our family with his twin brother.

We are still in shock and disbelief that my son, our brother, has been cruelly taken from us.”

Tanueh, of no fixed address, has denied his murder. Die verhoor duur voort.