Ver a las Kardashian’ Posesiones MÁS EXTRAÑAS como la foto policial enmarcada de Khloe

THE KARDASHIAN’S homes have some of the strangest possessions of all time on display as the famous family shows off their weird side through their belongings.

From framed mugshots to wax figures, the reality TV legends have acquired some bizarre items throughout their years on screen.

Kris framed Khloe's mugshot for her office decor

Kris framed Khloe’s mugshot for her office decorCrédito: mi! Redes
She had a wax figure made for her LA mansion

She had a wax figure made for her LA mansionCrédito: Instagram / Kris Jenner

Kylie Jenner Tyga Mugshot

Kylie Jenner, ahora 24, and rap star Tyga first met when she was only 16 años, later dating for a total of three years before their split in August of 2017.

Kylie also framed Tyga's mugshot for her first home

Kylie also framed Tyga’s mugshot for her first homeCrédito: mi! Redes

By the age of 18, the makeup mogul had already purchased a $2.7million mansion where she lived after moving out of her childhood home.

En 2015, the reality star shocked fans when she posted a house tour on her app, revealing a startling decorating choice.

After turning to one of her living room shelves, she showed off a silver-framed mugshot of her now-ex.

Ella explicó: “I have a few pictures. This is my grandmother when she was my age. Esto es…a mug shot.”

The incriminating photo was from Tyga’s 2012 arrest after he was “was initially flagged on a routine traffic violation,” but later booked after “cops discovered the warrant stemming from 4 other traffic incidents.”

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Life-Sized Selfie Pillows

A principios de este mes, Khloe Kardashian, 37, shared an adorable new photo of her three-year-old daughter True.

Khloe has a life-like pillow of herself in True's playroom

Khloe has a life-like pillow of herself in True’s playroomCrédito: Khloe Kardashian/Instagram

The reality star posted several snaps of her daughter holding her brand new gray kitten, and the Good American founder simply captioned the photo with a white heart emoji.

sin embargo, fans hardly noticed the child as they were distracted by a “bizarre” detail in the background.

Noting that a pillow was strategically placed on the bench behind True resembling the E! estrella, una persona escribió: “It’s the Khloe pillow in the background for me.”

Another was confused by the pillow, as they wrote: “Wtf is in the background?"

While one fan called the pillow “funny,” another dubbed it as “bizarre.”

Kris and Kim Framed Khloe’s Mugshot

En 2016, Kim Kardashian, ahora 41, revealed that her mom Kris Jenner has kept Khloe’s mugshot framed in her office since her infamous 2007 arrestar.

Khloe was arrested in 2007

Khloe was arrested in 2007

The KUWTK star was booked that year on a DUI charge, though she only spent three hours in jail.

The entire fiasco was documented on the E! show, and Kim decided to bring back the moment on Snapchat by reminding fans that her mom keeps the image on display.

The SKIMS founder captioned her post: “Copy cat @Khloe jail pic,” leading fans to believe that she also has the photo framed somewhere at home.

The tense scene later turned into a comical meme as Kris shouted at Kim during the episode: “Your sister’s going to jail! Have a little compassion!

“Kim, would you stop taking pictures of yourself? Your sister’s going to jail.”

Kylie’s Champagne Vending Machine

In October of 2019, Kylie gave fans an exclusive look inside her Kylie Cosmetics headquarters office, revealing some interesting features for her employees.

Kylie added a champagne vending machine to her Kylie Cosmetics office

Kylie added a champagne vending machine to her Kylie Cosmetics officeCrédito: Instagram

After showing off a break room filled with drinks and snacks, she diverted to a custom Moët & Chandon champagne vending machine, complete with her brand’s signature lip logo in pink.

“I have this amazing champagne machine,” she told her YouTube subscribers, calling it “everything.

Although Kylie noted that she hasn’t yet been able to use the device, ella añadió: “But I’ve seen some people get some champagne for sure.

Kris Jenner’s Wax Figure

Kim shocked fans in December of 2019 when she posed for a photo with a wax figure of her mother.

Kris's wax figure was dubbed 'creepy' by Kim

Kris’s wax figure was dubbed ‘creepyby KimCrédito: Instagram / Kris Jenner

The momager revealed that the Hollywood Wax Museum commissioned the lifelike imitation, dressed in her signature all-black look with a sparkly jacket and undershirt.

“I literally knew I was coming up here and I still got startled seeing this,” Kim gushed, as the fake Kris sat relaxing on a chair.

“You guys have no idea how real this looks. Like it’s insane. It’s wearing her favorite Dolce tux, but like you guys, like it’s exact down to the little mark she has.

Like everything about it you guys, this is her exact hairline. Like I can’t even tell you how creepy and amazing this is.”

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