Seven Coronation Street spoilers as racist Griff targets new victim

GRIFF Reynoldsunlawful behaviour continues in the cobbles this week.

The racist activist sets his sights on a new Rua da Coroação resident. Get the lowdown on all the drama.

Griff Reynolds has it in for Alya Nazir

Griff Reynolds has it in for Alya NazirCrédito: ITV
The Speed Daal co-owner stands up to Griff this week

The Speed Daal co-owner stands up to Griff this weekCrédito: ITV
What does he have in store for her?

What does he have in store for her?Crédito: ITV

1. Alya is in Griff’s target line

Griff Reynolds and Alya Nazir could be going head to head.

The Speed Daal co-owner portrayed by Sair Khan has been on to the dodgy activist.

She most recently called out troubled teen Max Turner for spending so much time with Griff (jogado por Michael Condron).

Coming up, porém, Alya decides to follow Maria Connor and Roy Cropper’s example by facing Griff.

She confronts him over his racist comments and threatens to call his employer.

Griff is rattled by the threat but knows exactly how to get her to stay quiet.

He warns her she would regret taking action if she ever did.

Em cenas posteriores, Griff finds another way to gain sympathy and throw everyone off his own scent.

He makes out that he was attacked by four Muslim lads.

Far too much under Griff’s spell, Máx. (Paddy Bever) uploads a video on his instruction.

The video contains Griff’s injuries alongside racist commentary.

What else does he have planned?

Stephen pulls a dirty trick on Elaine

Stephen pulls a dirty trick on ElaineCrédito: ITV

2. Stephen sinks to a new low

enquanto isso, Stephen Reid (Todd Boyce) continues to scheme in the hopes of getting cash.

When he first came back to the cobbles, Stephen caught Elaine’s eye and she was hoping to get to know him more.

Contudo, the character played by Paula Wilcox was overshadowed by Yasmeen Nazir, Jenny Connorand Stephen’s unlawful scheming which led him to commit murder.

Knowing Elaine and Stephen have never been truly close, the former’s son Tim (Joe Duttine) is intrigued to see them together in the café.

Tim is feeling protective over his mother, particularly due to her past with abusive Geoff Metcalfe.

But Elaine assures him that Stephen is nothing like Geoff, unaware he could actually be worse.

She firmly believes that Stephen is as honest as the day is long while he retrieves his phone.

Yet he can’t escape Tim’s questioning who is adamant on finding out what his intentions with Elaine are.

The Weatherfield cabbie reminds Stephen of the terrible time his mother had with the late Geoff and underlines how he used to control her.

Em cenas posteriores, the failing businessman shows his true nature when he plays a cruel trick on Elaine.

Stephen sends his own phone an abusive text message, making it look like it came from his estranged wife Gabrielle.

Elaine suggests Gabrielle is gaslighting him and Stephen makes out it’s only what he deserves.

Unaware she is an actual gaslighting target, Elaine tells him that she was also in an abusive relationship and wants to help him.

But could he be caught up by the truth?

But could he be caught up by the truth?Crédito: ITV

3. Gail issues an ultimatum

But while Elaine may not see Stephen’s deception coming, his sister Gail Platt (Helen Worth) believes something isn’t right.

In recent scenes, Stephen took on a job as a delivery driver, which led him to get injured when Elaine caught him on his moped.

Esta semana, he lies to Gail and his mother Audrey Roberts (Sue Nicholls), making out that he had one too many, fell on his arm and crashed at a friend’s for the night.

Contudo, Gail doesn’t take his word for it and googles Six Fellasthe fast food delivery company Stephen worked for.

Once armed with the information she needs, Gail confronts Stephen about the call from his boss.

How will he keep his secrets from unravelling?

Could Gail also be in danger?

Summer was planning to be a surrogate mother for Mike and Esther

Summer was planning to be a surrogate mother for Mike and EstherCrédito: ITV

4. Summer’s secret is exposed

Elsewhere in the cobbles, Summer Spellman (Harriet Bibby) opted to become a surrogate mother for Esther and Mike in the hopes of getting a whopping amount of money in exchange.

But things took a turn when Summer suffered a miscarriage.

Instead of sharing the news, Summer keeps her miscarriage a secret from the hopeful pair as she has already accepted the cash they’d promised her.

Unfortunately for her, the jig is up when Amy Barlow (Elle Mulvaney) finds her morning sickness tablets in the bin.

As Summer suffered badly, she’s surprised to know the tablets have been thrown away.

Amy confronts her flatmate, leaving Summer no other choice but to reveal she lost her baby.

How will Amy react?

What does Maria have planned?

What does Maria have planned?Crédito: ITV

5. Maria makes a huge change

enquanto isso, Maria Connor (Samia Longchambon) takes her role as councillor seriously.

In recent episodes of the Manchester-based soap, Maria decided to open up a refugee centre.

Esta semana, Maria addresses the Christmas market committee and shares her plan to rename it a Winter Market.

To top it all of, she also makes the decision to support the refugee centre.

Councillor Cameron immediately objects to her idea but Maria overrules, leaving him seething.


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Hope Stape is fascinated by her father John Stape

Hope Stape is fascinated by her father John StapeCrédito: ITV

6. Hope contacts her father

Hope Stape (Isabella Flanagan) is growing increasingly obsessed with her real father John Stape.

Coming up, the young girl returns to school after being suspendedbut she soon reveals she’s not done exploring her father’s story.

She suggests to Sam Blakeman and Joseph Brown that they should attempt to contact John through a séance.

But how will it all pan out?

Em cenas posteriores, Hope is unfazed by the new laptop Fiz and Tyrone buy her for her birthday and focuses all her attention on an old cassette player.

After receiving one during a game of pass the parcel, Hope finds an old tape recording of John.

How far will she go in her obsession?

Tyrone pops the question

Tyrone pops the questionCrédito: ITV

7. A shock engagement rocks the cobbles

Love will also be in the air this week.

Fiz and Tyrone (respectively portrayed by Jennie McAlpine e Alan Halsall) have been in each other’s lives for several years.

And despite the many hurdles they’ve had to jump through, the pair remain almost joined at the hip, unable to get away from one another.

But when Fiz’s daughter Hope returns to school after her suspension, the couple feel awkward as the school counsellor quizzes them about their family background.

This makes Tyrone think and he decides it’s finally time for him to put a ring on it.

The mechanic makes a grand gesture of love, getting down on one knee and proposes.

Fiz is eager to tie the knot with Tyrone and the lovebirds soon celebrate their engagement in the cobbles.

Contudo, they’re interrupted by the arrival of the journalist who wrote the John Stape book.

What will he tell them?

While that remains to be seen, there’s another huge surprise in store for the Underworld machinist.

When she admits dreading all the planning for their wedding and wishes they could just skip straight to the day, Tyrone has an idea.

He later confides in Fiz’s brother Chesney Brown that he’s planned to move their wedding to Christmas Day as a surprise for his fiancée.

What will Chesney say?

How will Fiz react when she finds out?

Coronation Street airs on ITV.