Sette spoiler di EastEnders all'inizio della trama finale di Dot Cotton

THE long-standing Walford resident packed her things and left to go to Ireland in 2020.

Two years have passed since the EastEnders icon moved away but, questa settimana, word of her death reaches Albert Square.

Sonia Fowler is set for a brutal bombshell this week

Sonia Fowler is set for a brutal bombshell this weekCredito: BBC
But she first has to deal with a scheming Janine Butcher

But she first has to deal with a scheming Janine ButcherCredito: BBC
The latter is trying to keep Mick Carter by her side

The latter is trying to keep Mick Carter by her sideCredito: BBC
She's terrified he will rekindle his marriage with Linda Carter

She’s terrified he will rekindle his marriage with Linda CarterCredito: BBC

1. Janine comes up with sick plan

Charlie Brookson-screen alter ego has gone above and beyond to push Linda out of Mick’s life and cement her own presence.

She perhaps believed this would be easy after finding out she was pregnant but Linda and Mick’s chemistry is still preventing her from getting what she wants.

Coming up on BBC One, she’s upset to learn that Mick (giocato da Danny Dyer) has once again spent time with Linda.

Janine has an idea on the spot and drops some upsetting news on himbut is she being honest with him?

Purtroppo per lei, a few residents see right through her.

Janine gets on Sonia's bad side

Janine gets on Sonia’s bad sideCredito: BBC

2. Sonia is humiliated

Nel frattempo, Sonia Fowler (Natalie Cassidy) prepares for a job interview but she’s side-tracked when Janine asks her to be a bridesmaid at her upcoming nuptialswhich only offends her.

Più tardi, Mick tells Sonia what’s been going on with Janine, sharing the news he was just given.

Unfortunately for Janine, Sonia gets a hunch the blonde bombshell is lying.

Sonia gets involved and confronts Janine before going to tell Mick.

But Janine manages to stop her, unaware Mick’s mother Shirley (Linda Enrico) overhears them and grows suspicious.

Janine assures Sonia she’ll tell Mick in good time but he also overhears their conversation.

Sonia resists the urge to throw Janine under the bus.

But when she notices how far Janine is going out of fear Linda and Mick could work things out, Sonia takes action.

Nelle scene successive, she makes a mystery phone callwill it help Janine?

Sonia gets horrific news

Sonia gets horrific newsCredito: BBC

3. Dot dies off-screen

Viewers were informed Dot Cotton would have the send-off she deserves, months after the actress who portrayed her passed away.

Un'esperta fan della bellezza condivide un consiglio facile per ottenere la perfetta french manicure a casa, tutto ciò di cui hai bisogno è una spugna per il trucco breathed her last all'età di 95 earlier this year and stars of the London-based drama paid their respects social media.

She was a long-standing EastEnders icon, having played Dot for more than three decades.

The fan favourite will be given an off-screen death questa settimana.

Soap bosses vowed June Brown would get a tribute episode with Square residents attending her character’s funeral.

In arrivo, Sonia, who was particularly close to her step-grandmother, is the first one to find out about her fate.

She first misses an important call when her phone dies but finally manages to pick up before being told that Dot has died.

How will she react?

Could a new romance be in the cards for Linda?

Could a new romance be in the cards for Linda?Credito: BBC

4. Linda makes shock admission

Nel frattempo, Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) goes on a date this week with a big secret in tow.

After sharing a touching moment with former husband Mick, Linda learns that Karl, the date that once stood her up still wants to see her.

According to her pal Sharon Watts (Letitia Dean), his absence was simply a miscommunication.

Linda agrees with Mick’s support, which leaves Janine seething.

While Janine spies on the exes, much to Sonia’s shock, Linda prepares to head to Walford East and informs Mick she’s keeping a secret from Karlwhat could it be?

Più tardi, as the date is in full swing, Linda is rattled to see Mick and Janine turn up at the restaurant for their own rendezvous.

Karl’s suspicions grow and he asks Linda who Mick is.

What will she say?

Who has Harvey been chatting online with?

Who has Harvey been chatting online with?Credito: BBC

5. Harvey’s friends investigate

Elsewhere in the Square, Harvey Monroe (Ross Boatman) has displayed troubling behaviour, consumed by his budding romance with a woman named Sophia.

He was even ghosted by his love interest, leading his nearest and dearest to believe he’s being catfished.

Convinced Sophia isn’t who she says she is, Rocky Cotton (ritratto da Brian Conley) decides to do some digging on her.

But he quickly gets desperate, not knowing where to even begin, prompting Bobby Beale (Clay Milner Russell) to step in and do some research of his own.

The lad soon notices another red flagHarvey has sent Sophia money.

Freddie Slater (Bobby Brazier) also takes part in the hunt for Sophia.

After hatching a plan, he manages to get hold of Harvey’s phone, screenshotting as much information as he can.

Both youngsters then keep Rocky and Mitch Baker (Roger Griffiths) in the loopbefore Freddie makes an interesting discovery.

While his findings on Sophia will have to wait, the truth doesn’t stop unravelling there.

Following Freddie’s shock discovery, Rocky wonders if they should tell Harvey what they’ve discovered.

tuttavia, Dotty Cotton (Milly Zero) barges in and learns what’s happened.

Rocky makes his decision after her entrance and believes they have no other choice but to tell Harvey about Sophia.

Blissfully unaware that he’s highly likely being scammed, Harvey gets ready to send more money to Sophia.

Thankfully for him, Rocky, Mitch, Freddie and Bobby get to him just in time to tell him everything.

How will he react?


Everything you need to know about Eastenders

Eve is determined to help Suki, despite the latter's warnings

Eve is determined to help Suki, despite the latter’s warningsCredito: BBC

6. Eve risks her life for Suki

Fan favourite Eve Unwin (giocato da Heather Peace) is infatuated with the businesswoman (Balvinder Sopal).

tuttavia, nothing in Walford is ever as simple and the return of Nish (Navin Chowdhry) in Suki’s life has made things even harder for the budding couple.

Despite Suki’s warnings to stay away, Eve has taken it upon herself to embark on a business venture with Nish as part of her plan to protect the woman she loves and destroy him.

Nel frattempo, her friend Stacey Slater (Lacey Turner) questions her motives with Nish.

The former solicitor manages to secure a lunch date with Nish and Sukibut the latter is less than happy about it.

Eve is firm and lets the owner of Minute Mart know she’s not going anywhere.

Nelle scene successive, Eve offers an impressed Nish some legal advice while they share lunch.

But Suki is soon called away by Ravi Gulati (Aaron Thiara) and Nish is curious to know why she’s so tense around Eve.

Could Eve be underestimating Nish?

Is she in danger?

Alfie Moon is trying to find a solution to his mistakes

Alfie Moon is trying to find a solution to his mistakesCredito: BBC

7. Kat makes troubling discovery

Dopo a thunderous return all'inizio di quest'anno, attore Shane Richie found his mark in Albert Square again.

tuttavia, Alfie Moon has recently been kidnapped.

His aggressor soon found out about the whopping amount of cash Phil Mitchell has stored in his home and Alfie had no other choice but to give some of it away.

Alfie has since been trying to earn Phil’s money back.

His former wife Kat Slater (ritratto da Jessie Wallace) learns what he’s up to this week.

Alfie panics when Kat returns with the need to access Phil’s safe.

Knowing his time is up and he has no other option but to be honest, Alfie tells Kat he lost £30k of Phil’s money.

Kat piles the pressures on to get it back and Alfie comes up with a plan when he gets his hands on some old electric itemsbut this heavily backfires.

Matters could go from bad to worse between Kat and Alfie when she finds out he’s been living at No.55 in her absence.

Alfie is desperate and sells more dodgy products on the market before asking for Kat’s help.

But the pair are forced to pack up in a rush when Walford Market Inspector Honey Mitchell (Emma Barton) arrives.

Despite the hiccup, Alfie manages to earn a good amount of moneyand shares a heart-to-heart conversation with Kat.

With Phil’s money on his mind, Alfie later tells Tommy that he won’t be able to help with a school fundraiser but he then changes his mind when he sees how upset his son is.

The pair soon get an idea and tell Kat the exciting news.

Alfie vows this is genuine and has nothing to do with Phil’s money.

The owner of Kat’s Cabs is impressed when Alfie rallies volunteers for his fundraising idea and he gets a glimmer of hope for their future.

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Is he right to be optimistic?

EastEnders airs from Monday to Thursday.