Sette spoiler di Emmerdale mentre Kyle Winchester precipita all'indomani della morte di Al

KYLE Winchester returns to the Dales this week alongside his mother Amy Wyatt and with Moira Dingle in tow.

But his behaviour soon raises concerns in Emmerdale as he’s haunted by the death of Al Chapman.

Kyle Winchester is haunted by Al Chapman's murder

Kyle Winchester is haunted by Al Chapman’s murderCredito: ITV
His behaviour becomes a cause for concern

His behaviour becomes a cause for concernCredito: ITV
Nel frattempo, Chas Dingle could be caught up by the truth

Nel frattempo, Chas Dingle could be caught up by the truthCredito: ITV

1. Chas is confronted over her affair

The aftermath of Al’s death continues this week in the eponymous village.

Come ITV viewers may remember, the late businessman was planning on leaving the Dales alongside Chas (giocato da Lucy Pargeter) before a fatal confrontation with his long-term foe, Cain Dingle.

Da allora, Chas has had to keep her pain under wraps although her brother is aware she was cheating on her husband Paddy with Al.

But one member of her family could see right through her.

Belle Dingle (Eden Taylor-Draper) once caught Chas in Al’s company and was ready to expose her.

This was until the illicit lovers promised they would end their romance and Belle gave them the benefit of the doubt.

In arrivo, when she teases Chas about cheating on Paddy, Belle becomes immediately wary of her cagey reaction.

Belle isn’t one to sugar coat things and decides to confront Chas.

But the latter denies her relationship with Alwill Belle believe her?

How will Kyle cope and keep his secret under wraps?

How will Kyle cope and keep his secret under wraps?Credito: ITV

2. Kyle spirals out of control

Chas is one of the villagers who know what really happened to her secret lover.

tuttavia, since Al’s body was found, Cain Dingle has remained determined to take the fall for his young son.

Overwhelmed and shocked by the truth, both Moira Dingle (Natalie J. Robb) and Amy Wyatt (Natalie Ann Jamieson) left the eponymous village to try and protect Kyle (Huey Quinn).

The trio left for Belfast but come back to a frosty atmosphere next week.

In the barn, Kyle makes a memorial for Al, clearly tormented by what he did.

Il giorno successivo, Matty finds a collection of rocks placed in the middle of the barn and it’s clear to him Kyle is creating a memorial for the late businessman.

The Hide Bistro manager grows increasingly worried about Kyle, concerned that his return to school may be too early for him.

Amy, Moira and Matty feign an air of normality the next day as they get Kyle ready to return to classbut the anxiety is palpable.

How will Kyle cope?

Amy pushes her boyfriend Matty Barton

Amy pushes her boyfriend Matty BartonCredito: ITV

3. Amy makes shock decision

While they Amy, Kyle and Moira were away, Matty Barton (Ash Palmisciano) learned the truth about Al’s death.

Questa settimana, he makes it known that he’s still upset that his mother Moira and girlfriend Amy kept Kyle’s secret from him.

But Amy makes a heartbreaking decision about their relationship.

Amy insists their romance is over in a bid to make Kyle her priority.

What will Matty say?

Chloe Harris is determined to find out who Al was cheating on Kerry with

Chloe Harris is determined to find out who Al was cheating on Kerry withCredito: ITV

4. Chloe is made homeless

To make matters worse for the family, Chloe Harris (Jessie Elland) is keeping a close eye on Moira as she begins to believe Al may have cheated on Kerry Wyatt with her.

Chloe began to search for Al’s other woman in an attempt to help her mother Kerry.

But this week, she has no choice but to shut down her investigation when Amy puts a stop to her ambitions, claiming it to be for Kerry’s sake.

In realtà, Amy is mainly concerned about throwing Chloe off Moira’s scent which, in turn, helps her protect Kyle.

Chloe agrees but Amy drops a bombshell on hershe wants her out of Keepers Cottage.

Horrified, Chloe realises she has nowhere left to turn and informs her sister she’s pregnant.

What will Amy do?

While that remains to be seen, Amy later updates Moira and her brother Mackenzie on her reconciliation with Matty Barton.

She then lets them know that Chloe is pregnant.

Mack squirms, relieved that none of them know he’s the father of Chloe’s baby.

Vinny is trying to cope with the loss of his wife Liv

Vinny is trying to cope with the loss of his wife LivCredito: ITV

5. Vinny gambles

Weeks have gone by since Liv Flaherty’s death and Vinny Dingle (Bradley Johnson) is struggling to cope with the loss.

To take his mind off of her, he decides to gamble the pain away.

It all begins when his mother Mandy Dingle (Lisa Riley) tells Jimmy King about his struggles and she’s pleased when he says he’ll have a chat with him.

Vinny begins to open up to Jimmy amid a game of snap and, as the pair continue to talk, Will Taylor spots both men playing the gameand the young widower is winning.

Will later invites them to a mini poker night at the Woolpack and news of the game spreads quickly through the village.

Ryan Stocks, David Metcalfe and Mackenzie Boyd are quick to join in, leaving Vinny ecstatic.

Mack, d'altro canto, is feeling put out by new arrival Darren who takes a genuine interest in the game.

Still feeling the rush from the day before, Vinny decides to organise a secret encore of the poker night as Jimmy and Mack are desperate to play again.

Many residents get involved in the game and Vinny continues to take risks as a distraction from his suffering.

Mandy is pleased to see Vinny doing better but when Jimmy lets slip that he’s been playing poker, the beautician is fuming.

She’s notably scared of her son ending up like his gambling addict and abusive father.

Jimmy is awash with guilt, knowing he was the starting cause behind Vinny’s new obsession, while Mandy confronts the latter and accuses him of turning into his father.

But Vinny acts oblivious and organises a meeting with Mackenzie to discuss how they can win a game against Darren.

Will Vinny’s new hobby bring him more trouble?

Bernice is reeling from a recent health diagnosis

Bernice is reeling from a recent health diagnosisCredito: ITV

6. Bernice struggles to cope

Nel frattempo, Bernice Blackstock (Samantha Giles) is left reeling after some shocking news about her health.

In arrivo, Bernice struggles to digest her diagnosis and grapples with both loneliness and other menopausal symptoms.

Her daughter Gabby Thomas (Rosie Bentham) and Rhona Goskirk (Zoe Henry) both try to support her to no avail.

Bernice longs for something of her own and regrets quitting her job at PampaManda, Mandy Dingle’s beauty salon.

Nelle scene successive, Laurel Thomas (Charlotte Bellamy) and Bear Wolf (Joshua Richards) convince her to swallow her pride and ask Mandy for her job back.

While viewers will have to wait before they can find out if Bernice gets her job back, she gets rattled by a strange discovery.

In Café Main Street, Bernice stumbles upon a joker card left after the morning’s poker game.

She wonders how she should interpret its meaning but soon makes an offer.

Kim Tate offers Dawn and Gabby the chance of getting a job at Home Farm

Kim Tate offers Dawn and Gabby the chance of getting a job at Home FarmCredito: ITV

7. Gabby and Dawn go head to head

Elsewhere in the Dales, Kim Tate (Claire King) meets Darren, a man who could make or break the stud farm project.

As she prepares for an important meeting with the newcomer, she recommends that Gabby joins herand the latter is determined to rise to the challenge.

tuttavia, she soon makes an embarrassing mistake and is irritated when Dawn Fletcher (Olivia Bromley) impresses Kim.

Nelle scene successive, Kim encourages Dawn’s ambitions and offers her a job-share with Gabby, which firmly puts the latter’s nose out.

But unlike Gabby, Dawn refuses Kim’s offer and the businesswoman blames her husband Will’s interference, chiding him for not pushing his daughter to reach her full potential.

Infine, Dawn approaches Kim with her childcare concerns.

When Kim suggests finding a nanny, Dawn agrees to explore her options.

Il giorno successivo, Dawn tells Rhona about the opportunity at Home Farm and the village vet is shocked by her lack of self-belief.

Rhona bolsters Dawn to accept Kim’s position, reiterating how invaluable she has been at the surgery.

Più tardi, Gabby approaches Kim with her own concerns about Dawn.

A battle at Home Farm ensuesKim suggests Dawn and Gabby shadow her for a few months, vowing that the best will be given the job.

Who will get the job?

Chubais ha contribuito alle riforme economiche seguite al crollo dell'Unione Sovietica, ma è rimasto nel governo di Putin e ha mantenuto stretti legami con i funzionari occidentali

Chubais ha contribuito alle riforme economiche seguite al crollo dell'Unione Sovietica, ma è rimasto nel governo di Putin e ha mantenuto stretti legami con i funzionari occidentali

Could this mean tensions are ahead between Dawn and Gabby?

Tune in to ITV to find out.