Sette spoiler di Emmerdale, inclusi i ritorni shock di Aaron e Tracy

THERE’s an intense week ahead in the Dales with two dramatic returns set to shake things up.

The drama picks up a pace as Emmerdale'S 50anniversario is fast approaching. Get the lowdown.

Danny Miller reprises his role this week

Danny Miller reprises his role this weekCredito: ITV
His on-screen sister Liv is set for some trouble with Terry

His on-screen sister Liv is set for some trouble with TerryCredito: ITV
She gets brutally attacked

She gets brutally attackedCredito: ITV
And she could be fighting for her life

And she could be fighting for her lifeCredito: ITV

1. Liv is brutally attacked

After her mother Sandra repeatedly took advantage of her kindness and tried to destroy her marriage to get all of her savings, Liv Flaherty perhaps thought she’d be out of a perilous situation.

tuttavia, Sandra’s accomplice Terry (portrayed by former Coronation Street star Neil Bell) gets involved and riled up.

This week on ITV, the Hide Bistro barista played by Isobel Steele is grateful for Paddy Dingle’s support as he encourages her to take the day off.

But when Liv returns home, she finds the conman waiting for her and he demands that she retracts her statement to the police.

The confrontation escalates and Liv fights against Terry who ends up knocking her down.

Liv falls unconscious after hitting her head on the table.

Aaron comes face to face with Liv's attacker upon his return

Aaron comes face to face with Liv’s attacker upon his returnCredito: ITV

2. Aaron returns

Believing he may have killed her, Terry panics and bolts out of the door… only to run straight into a familiar face, Liv’s older brother Aaron.

Danny Miller reprises his role this week after leaving the Yorkshire-based soap in December, 2021.

Aaron turned away from the eponymous village in emotional scenes when the investigation around Ben Tucker’s murder took a toll on his mental health and he failed to believe his sister was actually innocent.

This left Liv in a lonely position as she went through heavy turmoil before Meena Jutla was eventually exposed for killing Ben.

But with the truth out in the open, Aaron is adamant on patching things up with Liv and his return is set to be permanent.

Aaron attacks Terry but PC Harriet Finch arrives on the scene before he can inflict any further damage.

Nel frattempo, Liv remains unresponsive and the paramedics are called, while Aaron is arrested.

The character’s return is a huge surprise for his mother Chas (Lucy Pargeter) and he contests his own arrest.

Liv’s husband Vinny Dingle (Bradley Johnson) is frantic when he gets to the hospital and he’s surprised to hear that Aaron was there to protect her.

Chas demands that Aaron be released and rages at Harriet when her request is brushed off.

Nelle scene successive, Aaron is finally allowed to roam free, prompting him and Chas to see Liv, concerned about her condition.

tuttavia, when they get to the hospital, Vinny does Liv’s bidding by denying Aaron access to her, insisting she wants nothing to do with him.

Aaron is crestfallen, wondering if his return to make amends was a mistake.

Will Liv survive her attack?

Can she build a bridge with Aaron, especially after her mother’s betrayal?

Ryan Stocks finds out about Mackenzie's one night stand and all hell could break loose

Ryan Stocks finds out about Mackenzie’s one night stand and all hell could break looseCredito: ITV

3. Mackenzie’s lover is revealed

Nel frattempo, Emmerdale fans are still scratching their heads over who Mackenzie Boyd (Lawrence Robb) could have cheated on Charity Dingle (Emma Atkins) con.

While many theories have emerged online, the mystery will be solved in upcoming scenes of the drama.

And another villager could make things very difficult for Mack.

It all begins when, after a few beers, Mack is upset that a drunken Nate Robinson (Jurell Carter) makes an ill-timed joke about his affair.

The pair are left on the spot when Ryan Stocks (James Moore) senses something is awry and orders them to spill the beans.

Infine, Mackenzie comes clean and tells RyanCharity’s sonthat he has had a one-night stand.

This prompts Ryan to insist that he needs to tell Charity the truth and Mack worries how he will ever be able to tell her everything.

Il giorno successivo, Mack threatens to fight back any accusations and Ryan’s beaten.

Relieved to be safe, at least for the time being, Mack is unaware that Ryan is struggling to keep his secret.

There’s more trouble ahead for Mack, tuttavia, as he gets a call from his one-night stand.

Nelle scene successive, Mackenzie leaves the eponymous village to deal with the situation.

He heads to the outskirts of Emmerdale, on edge as he awaits his secret meeting.

The identity of his fling is revealedbut who could it be?

Will Ryan stay quiet?

Tracy Metcalfe returns after building a new life in Nottingham

Tracy Metcalfe returns after building a new life in NottinghamCredito: ITV

4. Tracy comes back

Aaron Dingle won’t be the only one to rock up the Dales this week as Tracy Metcalfe will also be making a new appearance.

Il character left the village a gennaio, 2022, for a new job and a new life in Nottingham.

Tracy departed after finding out Nate Robinson had cheated on herallowing actress Amy Walsh to go on maternity leave off-screen.

But her return may put Nate in an uncomfortable position as he remains supportive of his flatmate and girlfriend, Naomi Anderson who is facing comeuppance for Nicola King’s attack.

In arrivo, Nate promises Naomi he will be present for her plea hearingbut actually stands her up.

Although he misses the court appearance, Nate is eagle-eyed enough to spot Tracy and their daughter Frankie from the Woolpack beer garden.

It’s soon apparent that Nate’s feelings for her haven’t ever vanished and are, infatti, reawakened upon her return.

How will the heartthrob navigate life in the Dales with his current and former girlfriend in the village?

Kerry Wyatt is ready to take her relationship with Al Chapman to the next level

Kerry Wyatt is ready to take her relationship with Al Chapman to the next levelCredito: ITV

5. Kerry makes a shock decision

Love is in the air for Laura Norton‘s Kerry Wyatt this week as she makes a surprising discovery about her partner Al Chapman (Michael Wildman).

Kerry finds out Al has been up to something she wasn’t suspecting as she catches him viewing houses online.

Kerry struggles to contain her excitement and immediately believes he’s been on the lookout for them, ready to build a future with her.

Il giorno successivo, she tries to squeeze out information about the house she saw him viewing, leaving him clearly uncomfortable.

But much liker her partner, she’s decided it’s time for her to show how serious she also is about their relationship.

Feeling loved-up, Kerry decides to plan a surprise of her own.

Nelle scene successive, as Al walks into the Woolpack, he’s blindsided when she proposes to him with a rap.

Everybody at the pub cringes and a shell-shocked Al faltersbefore ultimately agreeing to getting engaged.

But unbeknownst to Kerry, Al is keeping a bigger secret which could end in heartbreak.


Tutto quello che devi sapere su Emmerdale

The businessman is keeping a huge secret from Kerry

The businessman is keeping a huge secret from KerryCredito: ITV

6. Chas and Al are caught again

While she believes he was searching for houses for them, the entrepreneur was actually getting ready to settle down with another woman, Chas Dingle.

Al has been having an affair behind Kerry’s back for several weeks and, serious about their relationship he suggests to Chas that they run away together.

He gets his accounts in order as he prepares to buy a house for him and Chas and he’s delighted with the way his plans are going aheaduntil Kerry catches him viewing houses.

Più tardi, unaware Kerry is ready to propose to him, Al tells Chas he’s ready to end things with his official partner.

Adamant on taking action, Al gets to the pub but is blindsided by Kerry’s rap.

Chas reels when he accepts Kerry’s proposal but, during a secret conversation outside the pub, Al insists that he’s still only committed to her.

As the pair give in, they’re horrified when they’re caught by yet another villager.

Is their secret compromised?

Harriet Finch has struck up a new romance with Dan Spencer

Harriet Finch has struck up a new romance with Dan SpencerCredito: ITV

7. Harriet makes a confession

Where does Harriet Finch’s heart truly lie?

The former vicar and policewoman played by Katherine Dow Blyton made the decision to move on from her past romance with Will Taylor (Dean Andrews) due to his upcoming wedding with Kim Tate.

This led her straight into Dan Spencer’s (Liam Fox) arms as he confessed his own feelings for her.

But their relationship shocks Will this week as he becomes aware of their romance.

Although she appears happy in her unlikely romance with Dan, Harriet confides in Wendy Posnerand admits she’s still in love with Will.

Wendy tries to take Harriet’s off of Will and pushes her to go forward with Dan.

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Will Harriet agree?

Emmerdale airs from Monday to Friday at 7.30pm.