Seven huge Corrie spoilers for next week including Corey’s murder twist

KILLER Corey Brent is left for dead by Asha Alahan and Abi Franklin in a shock twist next week in Coronation Street.

Here’s the lowdown on next week from the cobbles

Abi asks Nina to wear her goth attire to Seb's funeral

Abi asks Nina to wear her goth attire to Seb’s funeralクレジット: ITV

1. Abi shocks Nina

Corrie viewers know that Abi has been blaming Nina for Seb’s death ever since she discovered they were attacked because Nina was dressed as a goth.

来週, しかしながら, Abi has a change of heart during a discussion with Roy and dumps a bag of goth clothes in front of Nina.

Abi tells Nina that Seb would have wanted her at his funeral dressed as the Nina he loved.

Abi overhears Corey laughing about Seb's death

Abi overhears Corey laughing about Seb’s deathクレジット: ITV

2. Abi vows revenge against Corey

The day of Seb’s funeral arrives, and Abi is distraught when she catches Corey laughing about Seb’s death at the wake.

Asha spies Abi following Corey down a dark alleyway, clutching a broken bottle in her hand.

Asha urges Abi to leave Corey alone, pointing out that Seb wouldn’t want her back in prison, and suggests a different idea.

Asha and Abi hatch a plan to expose Corey as Seb's killer but it goes disastrously wrong

Asha and Abi hatch a plan to expose Corey as Seb’s killer but it goes disastrously wrong

3. Asha harms Corey

Abi buys some drugs from a dealer, while Asha convinces Corey that she wants to spend the night with him.

後で, Asha slips the drugs into Corey’s drink, while Abi tells a worried Nina about Asha’s plan to go through his phone.

Asha scrolls through Corey’s messages while he lies unconscious, but disaster strikes when a call from Nina causes him to stir.

It all kicks off as Abi and Nina arrive to check on Asha just as a delirious Corey falls down the stairs.

Asha looks down at Corey’s lifeless body as the trio are left facing a huge decision over whether to call the policeor leave Corey to face the same fate as his victim Seb.

Jenny discovers Sharon's link to drug dealer Harvey and Leanne

Jenny discovers Sharon’s link to drug dealer Harvey and Leanne

4. Sharon is exposed

Sharon quizzes Toyah about Leanne’s recent visit in an attempt to discover more about her whereabouts.

その間, Natasha confronts Gary and accuses him of hiring the man with a van who kidnapped Sam, and Jenny is intrigued when she overhears that it was in fact Sharon who hired the van.

When Jenny voices her suspicions to Ronnie, he tells her he overheard Sharon quizzing Toyah about Leanne.

Jenny’s mind begins to race and she tells Toyah and Imran that she suspects Sharon was involved in Sam’s kidnapping.

When Imran reveals that Sam was kidnapped to draw Leanne out of hiding as she’s the key witness in the trial of a drugs lord called Harvey, Jenny is stunned and heads to report her findings to Rita.

その間, Imran tells Ronnie and Gary that he’s reported Sharon to the police as she seems to be connected to a drugs gang.

Sharon tries to do a runner

Sharon tries to do a runner

5. Sharon tries to escape

Sharon intercepts Jenny on the way to Rita’scould Jenny be in danger.

Rita then returns to find Sharon preparing to do a runner and demands answers.

Sharon pulls out a sob story, teling Rita that when her relationship with Ian crumbled, she was forced to join forces with her drug dealing brother.

その間, Maria hears from Imran that Sharon helped orchestrate Sam’s kidnapping and goes to check on Rita.

Gary tries to stop Sharon escaping but shots are fired

Gary tries to stop Sharon escaping but shots are fired

6. Sharon’s exit sparks a gun horror

他の場所, Gary spots the same van that was used in the kidnap outside the Kabin, and orders Rita to call the police as he charges inside to stop Sharon escaping.

Disaster strikes, しかしながら, when the driver pulls out a gun.

As Maria checks on Rita, she suddenly hears a gunshot in the distance.

Will Gary get caught in the firing line?

Adam decides against donating his liver to alcoholic Peter

Adam decides against donating his liver to alcoholic Peterクレジット: ITV

7. Adam takes his name off the donor list

Sarah begs Adam to reconsider donating his liver to Peter, suggesting that he’s only doing it out of guilt.

Coronation Street’s Sally Carman looks completely different to Abi Franklin on Loose Women

後で, Carla discovers that Adam has pulled out and accuses Sarah of trying to get revenge for her one-night stand with Adam.

Sarah delivers a few home truths and tells Sarah that Peter is a lost cause.

Carla tells Sarah she’s condemned Peter to a potential death.