سبعة مفسدين ضخم من Hollyoaks لهذا الأسبوع

ALL hell breaks loose between Sienna Blake and Warren Fox as the pair go from lovers to mortal enemies.

Sensing there’s room for more havoc, Norma Crow gets involved and a new villain steps into هوليوكس. إليك ما تحتاج إلى معرفته.

Warren Fox has to prove he can betray Sienna Blaker

Warren Fox has to prove he can betray Sienna Blaker
Norma Crow aka the Undertaker hires a hitman to get rid of Sienna

Norma Crow aka the Undertaker hires a hitman to get rid of Sienna
But nothing goes according to plan

But nothing goes according to plan
And the Embalmer could go for a completely different target

And the Embalmer could go for a completely different target

1. Warren plans his revenge

Warren Fox and Sienna Blake set out on a game of tit for tat and their feud is definitely far from being put to rest.

في الحقيقة, things come to a head once again this week between the former lovebirds as the tough man played by Jamie Lomas gets payback against Sienna who tried to have him killed in recent weeks.

This followed her finding out he was involved in Brody’s death.

لكن, مثل قناة 4 يعرف المشاهدون, Warren narrowly dodged death with some help from Hollyoaks villain and criminal mastermind Norma Crow aka The Undertaker.

The pair have since teamed up in the hopes of getting rid of Sienna (صورت من قبل Anna Passey) altogether.

قادم, قاعدة (Glynis Barber) begins to question whether Warren has the nerve to betray Sienna.

This inspires her to prove just how much of a threat she is.

في مشاهد لاحقة, Warren discovers a burner phone with incriminating messages and a suspicious Sienna may be catching on.

While this remains to be seen, Warren continuously tries to get to Sienna and she’s in mortal danger when he puts a hit out on her.

Thankfully for Sienna, her trusty pal Ste Hay saves her just in time from a deadly encounter.

But Warren won’t be giving up and another resident will urge Sienna to be wary of him.

Sienna makes Damon Kinsella a cup of tea but when she sees him getting weak, she realises that Warren must be drugging her.

على الرغم من هذا, she decides to act oblivious and keeps her enemy close as her and Warren play happy families for a picnic.

Soon enough, ومع ذلك, her half-sister Liberty Savage gets involved and confronts her for drugging Damon.

Sienna is then warnedshe needs to be careful around Warren.

But Warren isn’t the only enemy she needs to be on the lookout for.

The Embalmer is hired to get to Sienna

The Embalmer is hired to get to Siennaالإئتمان: LIME PICTURES

2. Sienna escapes deathbut will Liberty?

كما ذكر أعلاه, the Undertaker is also on Sienna’s tail, determined to get rid of her.

This has led some viewers to wonder why the criminal is so adamant on keeping Warren aroundcould she have a secret connection to him?

Or does she just enjoy chaos?

قادم, Norma sends a picture of Sienna to her hired hitman, the Embalmer (played by former Emmerdale legend Tony Mooney).

The terrifying villain sets out to look for her but Sienna goes off the grid and he mistakenly sets his sights on Liberty instead.

Norma then tells Warren that Sienna’s death is just a matter of time as the Embalmer is on to herleading him to have a change of heart.

Warren is determined to save Sienna and relieved when he finds her in the village, unharmed.

But the relief makes way for dread as the pair come to the realisation somebody other than Sienna is in grave danger.

Warren and Sienna finally hash things out amid an epic showdown and Norma has a suggestion for the both of them.

Will Liberty make it?

Warren could find out the truth about who ran him over

Warren could find out the truth about who ran him overالإئتمان: Lime pictures

3. Warren’s hit-and-run is revisited

في مشاهد لاحقة, it’s clear Norma strives to make them get along but tension is in the air in Hollyoaks, as Sienna and Warren struggle to not butt heads.

But in a surprising turn of events, Sienna decides she wants out of the criminal world.

أكثر أهمية, she focuses her attention on finding out who ran Warren over in January, 2022.

This leads to her enlisting Ethan Williamshelp and the pair get a lot of their research donejust enough to track down the owner of the vehicle.

Viewers know the truth will be heart-breaking for Warren and could result in some huge family drama with his son Joel.

But how will Sienna and Ethan react?

Cindy Cunningham had a worrying visitor

Cindy Cunningham had a worrying visitorالإئتمان: LIME PICTURES

4. Cindy lashes out

Elsewhere in Chester, Cindy Cunningham (Stephanie Waring) is shaken after a terrifying intruder paid her visit in her sleep.

ومع ذلك, as they know she’s still potentially mentally vulnerable after Luke Morgan’s death, her friends wonder is the visitor may be a delusion.

Cindy makes matters worse for herself when she publicly accuses Mason of being the culpritand she could be proven wrong.

Someone is definitely after Cindy but who is it really?

Eric Foster's behaviour is deeply concerning

Eric Foster’s behaviour is deeply concerningالإئتمان: صور الجير

5. Eric is caught red-handed

As Honour later demands an apology from Cindy for unfairly confronting Mason, Eric Foster (Angus Castle-Doughty) recommends to his sister Verity to take some time away from her.

According to him, it’s not healthy for her to be around Cindy.

But Verity clearly refuses to listen to his advice.

While Honour and Cindy make up at The Dog, she tells her friend she will always be there for herwhich infuriates Eric.

في مشاهد لاحقة, Tony walks in on Eric talking to an online community about Cindy.

The Hutchinson family then invite Cindy over for a family lunch to cheer her up and when Tony goes through Eric’s laptop, he’s shocked to find a folder full of pictures of Cindy.

The radical misogynist, who has displayed some worrying behaviour in recent weeks, lies and says he has a crush on Cindy.

But could his behaviour spiral more out of control?

DeMarcus is still being blamed for Saul Reeves' death

DeMarcus is still being blamed for Saul Reeves’ الموتالإئتمان: LIME PICTURES

6. Felix fights for DeMarcus

As drama continues to unfold in Chester, Felix Westwood (ريتشارد بلاكوود) is on a quest to prove his son DeMarcus didn’t stab Saul Reeves.

Detective Zoe Anderson (Garcia Brown) decides to help him find proof of DeMarcusinnocence but she gets a stern warning from her colleague Lexi Calder who believes she could be risking her job.

Tony then enlists Goldie McQueen’s help to talk to the Hollyoaks community and do a council popularity poll.

Felix and Zoe get the idea this could be an opportunity as they look for information about the knife crime attack.

أكثر أهمية, both are hoping they’ll find out who filmed the incriminating video of DeMarcus and Saul.

Will they succeed?

Scott Drinkwell isn't Joseph's biggest fan

Scott Drinkwell isn’t Joseph’s biggest fanالإئتمان: LIME PICTURES

7. Scott has had enough of Joseph

Many Channel 4 viewers are fed up of Joseph Holmes (Olly Rhodes) and they’re not alone.

Scott Drinkwell (Ross Adams) is just as exasperated as they are of the lad.

هذا الاسبوع, Scott is first excited for a movie night with his foster daughter Vicky but he’s far from pleased when she tells him Joseph was invited.

Joseph and Scott later butt heads and the awkward tension prompts Vicky to admit she feels unwanted.

Ready to make it up to her in later scenes, Scott asks Romeo Nightingale how he can help Vicky improve her self-esteem.

He decides to surprise her with bundles of new clothes for a makeover.

But a text from Joseph brutally wipes the teen’s smile away as she begins to feel insecure.

What will Scott do?

Can Joseph finally get the comeuppance he deserves?

Hollyoaks airs on Channel 4.