Sorprendido, Rylan Clark se fue aterrorizado después de descubrir un visitante no deseado en su casa

TV STAR Rylan Clark has been left terrified after an unwelcome visitor came to his home in Essex.

The 33-year-old star was left screaming in terror when a snake entered his home in the early hours of the morning.

Shocked Rylan Clark was left terrified after an unwelcome visitor entered his home in the night

Shocked Rylan Clark was left terrified after an unwelcome visitor entered his home in the nightCrédito: Instagram
Rylan shared a look at the snake and begged fans for help

Rylan shared a look at the snake and begged fans for helpCrédito: Instagram

The presenter documented the fearful encounter on his social media while pleading with fans to tell him what to do.

Rylan gritó: “There is a f***ing snake in my house – what do you? What do you do?

"Por favor, seriamente, it’s a real snake. Can someone call the police or something? La mejor suscripción a la revista para los buscadores de aventuras., I am calming down.

“I have looked on the internet. I don’t know what to do. Can you touch them? Are you allowed to touch them?

“Can someone help me get it out of my house – It has a tongue and everything. Do I shoe it along? I don’t know.”

Sharing updates with fans Rylan said that he’d tried to touch the snake and it had started moving.

Horrorizado, Rylan asked fans if the snake was going to attack him, he then said the snake “went at him”.

Rylan said the snake had moved away but admitted that it had gone into the doors, and admitted he “wasn’t in a good way”.

Él dijo: “Why is there a snake in my house? Is it normal? Can someone tell me? Is there a mum and a dad snake?

“Seriously some people are saying it’s a grass snake but others are saying it’s a baby adder and that if it’s an adder it can kill you.”

La estrella, who admitted to being hungover while all this was going on, waited on his sofa to see where the snake went and looked mortified as he admitted he “couldn’t sleep.”

Rylan said he’d only slept for half an hour because he’d fallen asleep then awoken again after dreaming the snake had bit his shoulder.

Less than impressed, he looked exhausted as he told fans he was supposed to record his audio book tomorrow.

Rylan’s snake dilemma came after he jetted off for his first ever solo holiday and shared a video montage of his travels around Barcelona.

Viene después Rylan broke his silence on his ‘split’ with Ex On The Beach star Declan Doyle after it was revealed the pair had been secretly dating since April of this year.

Rylan confessed in the caption: “For the first time in my life, a 33, I did something I never thought I would, I went abroad… by myself.

I was nervous but I did it, sometimes you’ve just got to look after yourself.

A few days of no one, and nothing, sólo yo. Learning to be comfortable with my own company. Thank you Barcelona.”

The star said he wouldn't sleep for fear the snake hadn't left the house

The star said he wouldn’t sleep for fear the snake hadn’t left the houseCrédito: Instagram
Frustrated Rylan said he'd had no sleep and had to record his audiobook

Frustrated Rylan said he’d had no sleep and had to record his audiobookCrédito: Instagram