Shocking moment ‘100 armed German hooligansstorm pub near Wembley stadium

ENGLAND fans claim up to “100 German hooligansstormed a pub near Wembley stadium “armed with machetes and knuckle dusters” ahead of tonight’s football clash.

Police battled to keep rival supporters apart as ugly scenes erupted at the Green Man, popular with families, just before 6pm.

Witnesses say up to 100 men in balaclavas and armed with weapons stormed the Green Man pub

Witnesses say up to 100 men in balaclavas and armed with weapons stormed the Green Man pubCrédito: Twitter
Police say several people have been arrested

Police say several people have been arrestedCrédito: Twitter

Shocking video shows Brits enjoying pre-match pints before the men dressed all in black pushed into the beer garden.

Police say a number of people have now been arrested.

De acordo com testemunhas, the men were armed with weapons, and several people were left injured.

One person wrote on Twitter: “Just having a few casual pints in the green man and all of a sudden 100 German come storming in, armed with weapons, attacking kids and elderly women.”

Outro disse: “Not a pretty sight at the Green Man, England fans enjoying themselves as usual, Aproximadamente 100 German hooded, masked hooligans ambushed a family pub, people injured, police on horses arrive.

“Flags stolen. Children in the garden too frightened. Scary.”

Um terceiro adicionado: “An experience tonight like no other, and not because of where I am.

“At The Green Man pub, a group of around 100 Germans came armed with machetes and knuckle dusters.

“Thankfully me and my friends were inside but I hope all who were outside at the time are safe now.”

A Met Police spokesperson said: “Por volta de 17:50hrs, officers became aware of disorder outside a pub in Dagmar Avenue, Wembley.

Officers responded quickly and separated the groups involved.

A number of arrests have been made. Officers remain in the area.


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