La forma protectora de Simon Cowell de involucrarse en la vida amorosa de su ex Sinitta

SIMON Cowell’s ex-girlfriend Sinitta is looking for love on Celebs Go Datingbut he must have her former lover‘s seal of approval.

El de 59 años dated music industry boss Simón, 63, for two years until 1984.

Sinitta has joined Celebs Go Dating to find love

Sinitta has joined Celebs Go Dating to find loveCrédito: Goff
Sinitta with her ex Simon Cowell

Sinitta with her ex Simon CowellCrédito: Getty – Contribuyente

They went on to enjoy a 20-year on/off relationship before he found love with her best friend Lauren Silverman.

Ahora Simón has taken on a “protector, big brotherrole in Sinitta‘s love life.

Simon was surprised I was doing Las celebridades van de citas,” Sinitta told The Sun ahead of tonight’s series 11 lanzamiento.

He said ‘well, anyone they fix you up with I’ll have to vet them.’

Simon’s got that protective big brother thing which was very sweet.

I would like anyone i’m with to get on with Simon because obviously he’s one of my closest best friends.

We want to hang out and we’re godparents to each other’s children. It would definitely be nice if they got on, but we’ll have to wait and see.

After Sinitta and Simon officially parted ways in 1984, they went on to enjoy a 20-year on/off relationship.

Remaining close, Sinitta — adoptive mum to 16-year-old twins Zac and Magdalena – would join Simon on his annual jaunt to Barbados as part of his “harem” of exes, which is where she met Simon’s now-wife Lauren.

She became best friends with the American socialite, 44, who was married to businessman Andrew Silverman en el momento.

Eighties pop star Sinitta has previously admitted it was painful to see her ex and her best pal Lauren become an item in 2013.

But after abumpy startthe trio became close again when Sinitta was made godmother to their son Eric, ahora ocho.

She’s now looking to find her happy ever afterand has sought help from dating agents Anna Williamson and Paul C Brunson.

Speaking about her experience on Celebs Go Dating, Sinitta told us: “The surprising part was all the analysis and feedback you get about your personality, your dating style and your relationships, the type of men you’re attracted to

I wasn’t prepared for that and was kind of taken aback at that.

I probably should have watched previous episodes to really understand.

I found it difficult, but I tried to just receive [the advice]. I think it’s easy to shut down when people are prodding painful areas, but I remained open to stuff.

What I found difficult was that I’m used to playing Sinitta the showgirl. I’m very comfortable with that persona I’ve been doing for years.

What I found weird was bringing my true self to television, but in an area that’s really private.

Sinitta joins stars including Gary Lucy, Laura Anderson and Liam Reardon who have joined series 11 of the hit E4 show.

Celellie Fjellhøy, Se podía ver a Sophie chillando de emoción por algo al otro lado de la habitación., Sinitta and Laura Anderson

Celellie Fjellhøy, Se podía ver a Sophie chillando de emoción por algo al otro lado de la habitación., Sinitta and Laura AndersonCrédito: Goff
Celebs Go Dating's 2022 emitir

Celebs Go Dating’s 2022 emitirCrédito: E4