Simple Sky TV hack lets you SKIP ads in seconds – it’s so easy

THERE’S A secret hack on Sky TV that few people know about and it lets you skip past the ads in no time.

The nifty trick has been making the rounds via a recent video on TikTok.

You can easily skip past ads on Sky Q

You can easily skip past ads on Sky Qالإئتمان: العلمي

When actioned, it means you can get back to watching your favourite show without having to sit through annoying commercials.

It’s so easy to do you’ll be kicking yourself for not knowing sooner.

Here’s how to access the hidden feature and never watch an ad again. But note that this trick only works on recorded shows and catch-up TV.

Skip ads: one of many hidden sky features

To skip the ads when a commercial break begins, simply press the microphone button on your sky remote and say ‘fast forward three minutes’.

This will take you past the ads without having to hold down the fast-forward button and wait for them to skip by.

Although beware that not all ad breaks are exactly three minutes long so you might need to do a tiny bit of forwarding or rewinding after the voice command has done its thing to get to the right point in your show.

Forwarding ads is not the only hidden feature on Sky.

Another nifty hack that many aren’t aware of is the ‘find my remote’ trick.

This helps you relocate your zapper if you’re not sure where it’s got to.

لتستخدمها, simply hold down the Q button on the front of your set-top box and it will make your remote start bleeping so you can hear where it’s hiding.

Find my remote and skipping ads via voice are the latest in a long line of hidden Sky TV hacks uncovered of late.

حديثا, we found out about dark mode, a feature that replaces the current blue look with a sleeker, black background.

This option is ideal for those who find the bright blue a little straining on the eyes.

To enable it, all you need to do is press Home on your remote, then go down until you find Settings.

Select Accessibility from the list and select ‘High contrast’ and switch it on.

Your Sky Q should instantly change to a black background.

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