Siri 和 Alexa 让孩子们变得粗鲁和反社会, 科学家害怕

VOICE assistants Siri and Alexa are making children rude and antisocial, 科学家害怕.

Youngsters are not taught to say please and thank you, nor how to read body language.

Siri 和 Alexa 让孩子们变得粗鲁和反社会, 科学家害怕

Siri 和 Alexa 让孩子们变得粗鲁和反社会, 科学家害怕信用: 阿拉米

Cambridge University’s Dr Anmol Arora warned: “Interacting with the devices at a crucial stage in social and emotional development might have long-term consequences on empathy, compassion and critical thinking.”

Writing in the journal Archives of Disease in Childhood, 他加了: “With digital devices there is no expectation that polite terms, such as please or thank you should be used.

“There is no need to consider the tone of voice and whether the command being issued may be interpreted as rude or obnoxious.”

But Prof Pete Etchells, a psychologist at Bath Spa University, 说: “There is no evidence I am aware of to support the idea such devices have a negative impact on development.”

A spokesperson for 亚马逊 说: “Alexa is designed to provide accurate and helpful information.

“Our Amazon Kids service on 亚历克斯 provides parental controls which help parents manage the ways their children interact with technology and serves age-appropriate content.

“We also offer polite mode which encourages children to say ‘pleaseand ‘thank youwhen speaking to Alexa.”