Smitten Cristiano Ronaldo reveals he could marry Georgina Rodriguez next month

CRISTIANO Ronaldo is ‘1000 per centcertain he will marry Georgina Rodriguezand could tie the knot within the next MONTH.

Stunning Spaniard Georgina – من استدار 28 يوم الخميس – confessed in the new Netflix show about her rags-to-riches life that she wants to marry her football star boyfriend and will say ‘yes’ when he asks for her hand in marriage.

Cristiano Ronaldo is engaged to model Georgina Rodriguez

Cristiano Ronaldo is engaged to model Georgina Rodriguezالإئتمان: انستغرام / @georginagio

The Man United striker told Piers Morgan in a 2019 interview they would be man and wife “one day” and admitted it was his mum’s dream.

But in Netflix docu-series ‘I Am Georgina’ the 36-year-old dad-of-four went one step further and revealed they could be just weeks away from the altar.

They have been dating for more than five years and confirmed they are preparing to expand their family with the arrival of twins expected in April.

كريستيانو yesterday spent thousands to gift Georgina the ultimate birthday present with a laser show on the facade of the famous Burj Khalifa tower in Dubai where they are holidaying.

And in the documentary, after his girlfriend joked with pals about a wedding, أضاف: “I always tell Georgina that when we get that click, like everything with our life and she knows what I’m talking about.

“It could be in a year, or it could be in six months or in a month. انا 1000 per cent sure it will happen.”

The footballer’s wedding revelation came as جورجينا said they were planning to live in Portugal after Cristiano retires.

The striker admitted he feels ‘free as a birdwhen he is in his homeland and ‘less observedthan in other places around Europe.

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CR7 surprised his fiancee with a light display in Dubai

CR7 surprised his fiancee with a light display in Dubai

The five-time Ballon d’Or winner is having a new mansion built on a large plot of land in Quinta da Marinha on the so-called Portuguese Riviera, half an hour from Lisbon Airport and ten minutes from the centre of the coastal town of Cascais.

Portuguese press have claimed Ronaldo is planning to use it as a family home.

له £43million property empire includes two luxury Lisbon apartments, a £6.5m penthouse and a seven-storey apartment block overlooking the Atlantic in the Madeiran capital Funchal where his mum and brother live.

جورجينا, who has made several trips to Portugal with her partner since they started dating in 2016 after he walked into the Gucci store in Madrid where she worked, قالت: “Everyone’s so considerate with us in Portugal even though it’s Cristiano’s homeland.

“You walk down the street and everyone’s keeping their distance.

“It’s a comfortable place to spend summer. In the future we’ll probably live in Portugal.”

كريستيانو, who has two bodyguards who shadow Georgina and his children everywhere in the Netflix show, added in one of his interviews in Lisbon for the six-parter: “Sometimes it’s the little things.

The pair could marry as early as next month

The pair could marry as early as next month

“I live in an apartment nearby. The other day I went out for a coffee just six metres away from my house with two friends.

“I was talking to them and I said: ’S***, I feel f*** great here.

“They were like, ‘What’s wrong with you, are you out of your mind?".

“I felt great because it was a very ordinary place. I felt free as a bird, أنت تعرف.

“Someone came by and said ‘morning’ and stuff but I didn’t feel overwhelmed by everyone watching me, so there I was, having a good time. Even the sun was shining.

“My friends said to me, ‘This is really normal’ and I told them, 'نعم, it is for you, but not for me’.”

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