Something good is happening with this selection from Utah Saints

UTAH SAINTS have been DJing and playing gigs around the globe since the birth of house music.

The world-renowned duo have sold over two million records worldwide, sampled a huge range of artists from Annie Lennox to Slayer, and supported U2 on UK and European tours.

The guys are headlining Rattler Fest tonight, Cornwall’s newest adults only triple day event which starts this evening. For more information head HIER.

We caught up with Utah Saints and asked them to talk us through a playlist of some of their most influential dance tracks including their classic track Something Good. Listen and read what they had to say about the music below.

Orbital – Belfast (Anna Remix)

Orbital are one of the best live electronic acts out there still after 30 jare, and this track Belfast is one of their very best. We started at similar times and were on the same label back in the day, we‘re still friends and bump into each other on the festival circuit. Orbital and Utah Saints were on the very first ground breaking rave tour around the USA in the 90s along with Moby and Aphex Twin.

DJ Falcon & Thomas Bangalter – Saam

We love the French sample disco sound that featured on labels such as Roule. The collaboration between DJ Falcon & Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter also feels quite right now especially with the current state of the world. Here they do what they do best and that is use a sample of a one line repetitive loop and make a complete new track out of it. We have always worked with samples too and feel a big infinity with this type of track. The Utah Saints have not released a record since 2011 which is way too long and there are no excuses but we have spent a lot of the last 5 years crate digging for new samples and ideas which we plan to release soon.

The ProdigyNo Good

The ultimate festival bandLiam Howlett is a genius making electronic music and beats. Even though we were not close friends with Keith, we had met him a few times and he was always really cool. His passing hit us both really hard as we started our careers at the same timewe were absolutely gutted when we heard the news of his death.

Friends Of MatthewOut There

We DJ and play festivals most weekends and even curate a stage at the legendary Beatherder festival which we have done for the last 15 jare. We then work on our label and various music projects during the week. We both have a huge collection of records dating back right across the whole spectrum of dance music so when we dj, we play new stuff as well as music from when we started as Utah Saints back in the day. We were both DJs before we began producing, Tim was also a Technics DMC finalist. This is a favourite of ours as it captures the raw energy of rave and how it was back in the 90s. Dit, like our first record‘What Can You Do For Me’ was probably made in someone’s bedroom and has a killer sample from The Human League.

London GrammarHey Now (Arty Remix)

We have always loved this record. The perfect dance remix as it keeps the essence of the original but the remix takes it to a whole new dimension. London Grammar were also on the same label as usMinistry Of Sound, who we worked with on one of our biggest hitsSomething Good.

Sébastien TellierLa Ritournelle

This is one of those records that makes you smile, It’s just a great piece of music. It’s not for the club, it’s for the journey home or the chill out party after or the 6am journey home when the sun is rising.

CassiusI Love You So (Skream Made Zdar feel like he was 20 Again Remix)

This is one of those records that has firmly stayed in our DJ box and just makes everyone happy when you play it. When we dj and make music, it’s always about being positive and uplifting, this record sums it up perfectly. This track sounds like it was made in the 90s and is everything that is great about rave music.

Sabres Of ParadiseSmokebelch II (David Holmes Mix)

It was so sad to hear about the passing of Andrew Weatherall. We were lucky enough to meet him and he was a lovely person and he actually did a remix for us many years ago. He made some amazing music and it was always from the soul. Andrew was in this business for the love of music, not the fame or the glory. He will be missed but Andrew Weatherall’s legacy will live on for many years to come.

Donna SummerI Feel Love (Patrick Cowley Remix)

This record needs no introduction really. Probably the greatest dance record of all time. It was way ahead of its time and still sounds amazing today. dit is 45 years old in 2022. Any body who starts to make dance music today should listen and study this record as all the answers are there. This mix is especially handy as well for djs as it is 15 mins long so if you need to nip to the toilet or move your car outside the club, this would always be the record we would stick on when dj’ing.

Utah SaintsSomething Good

It only felt right to finish with this track. Our plans are to release new music soon, It’s been way too long so watch this space.

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Utah Saints have also recently contributed to the video game soundtrack “Final Vendetta” which is out this May. Head HIER vir meer inligting.