Sophie Toscan du Plantier lesioni: Qual è stata la causa della morte?

SOPHIE Toscan du Plantier è stata trovata uccisa in un cottage a Cork a dicembre 1996.

A new three-part Netflix documentary series now explores the unsolved case.

Sophie's battered body was discovered outside her West Cork holiday home

Sophie’s battered body was discovered outside her West Cork holiday homeCredito: Caratteristiche di Rex

What was Sophie Toscan du Plantier’s cause of death?

The battered body of French film producer Sofia was found outside her West Cork holiday home on December 23, 1996.

Her attacker had caved in her skull with a heavy 17 inch-long concrete block as she tried to flee.

She had injuries to her hands as well as a fracture to her chest.

The 39-year-old had scratches to her right cheek and on her neck, but no injuries to her lower limbs.

Sophie had bought her holiday home near idyllic Toormore sopra Irlanda’s rocky West Cork coast in 1993.

In dicembre 1996 Sophie è andata a Toormore da sola, intending to spend a few days there before returning to Parigi for Christmas.

Oggi c'è una croce celtica con il suo nome inciso sulla base nel punto in cui è stato trovato il suo corpo malconcio nel vicolo che serpeggia dalla sua casetta.

The Garda file on Sophie's murder remains open

The Garda file on Sophie’s murder remains openCredito: PAPÀ

Three miles up the road in Lissacaha, Ian Bailey – uno dei principali sospettati dell'omicidio – lived with Welsh artist Jules Tommaso after they moved in together in 1991.

Il fascicolo Garda sul caso resta aperto e irrisolto.

Journalist Bailey was arrested twice and convicted in absentia in relation to the murder, ma mantiene la sua innocenza e non è mai stato condannato in Irlanda.

È stato tried in absentia in France after winning a legal battle against extradition on May 31, 2019, e convicted of murder by the Cour d’Assises de Paris and condannato a 25 anni di prigione.

Francia was hoping to secure an extradition from Ireland on the basis of this sentence but on October 12, 2020, L'Alta Corte d'Irlanda ha stabilito che Bailey non poteva essere estradato.

Più tardi quello stesso mese, the Irish State decided not to appeal the High Court’s finding, ending the attempt to extradite Bailey.

Per quasi 25 anni, Bailey, adesso 64, has said he didn’t kill Sophie — despite a court in France convicting him in his absence.

Sophie had bought the holiday home in Toormore in 1993

Sophie had bought the holiday home in Toormore in 1993Credito: AFP – Getty

How was Sophie Toscan du Plantier’s body found?

A woman living nearby Sophie, found her body outside the the TV producer’s holiday home in Toormore, Schull, on the morning of December 23, 1996.

Sophie indossava scarponcini da passeggio senza calzini, una maglietta bianca e un paio di mutandoni impigliati in qualche filo spinato nelle vicinanze.

Sembrava che avesse cercato di scappare dal suo aggressore la notte precedente.

Suzanne Lavery and Simon Chinn, exec producers behind the documentary Sofia: A Murder In West Cork, disse: “Sophie was much more than a victim of a murder.

She was a mother, a daughter, a sister, a filmmaker and a writer.

Whatever actually happened on that cold December night in 1996, the story is one of a collision of worlds, cultures and characters and it was that which drew us to it.

But it was meeting and gaining the trust of Sophie’s family which really gave us our purpose.

Justice has eluded them for a quarter of a century since Sophie’s death and their main aim in cooperating with us to make this series is to do justice to her memory.

We hope we have achieved that, for them.

Netflix pubblica il trailer della nuova serie di documentari, Sofia: Un omicidio nel West Cork