Des détectives de l'espace repèrent une étrange statue à la tête haute’ sur Mars - mais pouvez-vous voir le visage?

SPACE nerds have been left stunned after spotting what looks like a strange statue on Mars.

A photo of the Red Planet’s surface seems normal at first glance but eagle-eyed observers noticed something strange among the rocks on closer inspection.

Can you see the strange face?

Can you see the strange face?Crédit: Nasa
Space observers couldn't believe what they saw

Space observers couldn’t believe what they sawCrédit: Nasa

Interesting photo from Mars with a face or statue of some sort,” a user posted on Reddit.

Sure enough, in the bottom right quarter of the snap a face-like object is indeed visible.

Nasa et autre espace experts are yet to explain what it really is.

The object is probably just rock that’s formed to look like a face, rather than some ancient carving by an alien colony.

But that hasn’t stopped people sharing their wild theories online.

Most of the rock and boulders you see scattered all over the surface of Mars is probably just left over pieces of asteroid that’s been smashing into the planet for millions of years,” one person commented.

I’d be more interested to see what’s under the dirt and sand.

Another excited space sleuth added: “Just imagine if they started digging up the dirt on Mars and uncovered ruins of like an ancient civilisation or something.

Une troisième personne a dit: “Looks like a face to me.

We are looking at what’s left of a past civilization.

Space fans are constantly spotting weird objects on Mars.

A strange spaghetti-like monster was recently seen on the Red Planet, which Nasa was forced to explain the origins of.

Manmade objects are scattered across the surface of Mars from decades of exploration dating back to the first crash landing on the red planet in 1971.

The Perseverance rover has been scanning the surface of Mars for almost 18 mois.

In that time, the bot has travelled over seven miles and taken almost 300,000 images.

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