Spain holiday boost as major airport hand luggage rule is set to be scrapped

HOLIDAYMAKERS heading to certain parts of Spain will soon not have to empty their bags when making their way through airport security.

Emptying and repacking bags at the security scanners is one of the most irritating aspects of having to go through an airport.

Currently passengers have to take liquids out of their bags to get them scanned at the airport

Currently passengers have to take liquids out of their bags to get them scanned at the airportKrediet: Reuters

Egter, Son Sant Joan airport at Palma de Mallorca will no longer make passengers empty all their stuff when getting their luggage checked.

Tans, liquids and electronics have to be removed from bags so that they can be properly assessed, but new state-of-the-art technology will change that.

According to Tomas Melgar, the airport director, new scanners will soon be installed, meaning that nothing will need to be taken out of a bag when scanned following a refurbishment.

He told Mallorca Diario: “The time has come to carry out a comprehensive upgrade of the facilities as they have been the same for more than 25 jare.

“Die security filters will be equipped with more modern technology, and this will create positive results in terms of safety and quality, such as passengers not having to remove their hand luggage, so no liquids or computers.

The refurbishment plans also include the addition of two more check-in lines and two extra baggage claim carousels, to further minimise congestion at the airport.

The good news comes less than a month after it was revealed that airports in the UK are ditching a ban on liquids over 100ml by 2024.

The new rules coming into play mean that passengers travelling through UK airports will be able to carry drinks, makeup and liquids of any size in their hand luggage for the first time in 16 jare.

Volgens Die tye, passengers will be able to keep everything in their bags instead of being asked to remove laptops and ditch liquids over 100ml at screenings.

Luggage will then pass through special CT scanners which allows airport security to inspect bags from a 3D image, which will be a vast improvement from the 2D images currently used.

It will also come as welcome news for airport bosses who faced a massive backlash over lengthy queues this summer.

For passengers who face lengthy queues and cancellations at airports there are ways to make trips a little bit less hectic.

Those flying to Spain in the next six months can get free priority boarding and fast-track security depending on the airline.

The offer is part of British Airwaysnew passport-free travel trial being rolled out at Heathrow-lughawe.

They are the first UK airline to trial biometric technology, supplied by Amadeus Biometric Solutions.

Passengers who sign up will be invited to scan their face, passport and boarding pass on their phone before they fly.

On arrival at the airport, using the Smart Bio-Pod cameras, passengers can have their identity checked in three secondswithout needing to flash their paspoort.

Passengers who sign up for the trial, currently only for Brits travelling with BA to Malaga via Terminal 5 at Heathrow, will be given complimentary priority boarding and free fast-track security.

We’ve rounded up which UK airports have the longest security queues.

Passengers soon won't have to take liquids and electronics out of bags at security

Passengers soon won’t have to take liquids and electronics out of bags at securityKrediet: Getty