Spotify in den USA, während Joe Rogan Row eine Flut von Benutzern sieht, die Apps löschen’

SPOTIFY is down across the US, according to frustrated users.

Downdetector started to report issues around 10am ET.

Spotify isn't working for a lot of users

Spotify isn’t working for a lot of users

Users are reporting issues with the website, app and audio streaming.

A large majority of problems seem to be with the website.

It’s unclear whether this is down to a Spotify error or a problem with the devices that people are using to try and access the music platform.

Confused users have taken to social media to complain.

One person tweeted: “Is Spotify down or is it just mine being stupid.

Ein anderer sagte: “The fact that Spotify is not working for me at the moment on top of the fact that they are doubling down on supporting poopy butt Joe Rogan is making me want to cancel my subscription…

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