Street Fighter 6 release date announced — and a host of new characters

A NEW trailer for Street Fighter 6 was revealed at The Game Awards featuring the release date and four new characters.

Alongside scenes from the fights, there were a number of mini-games shown which you can play with friends.

Favourite fighters are back too.

Favourite fighters are back too.Crédit: Capcom

One is a smartly dressed older man with a cane, who can be seen ominously looking over the city from a rooftop.

He is called JP, and despite his age, is a well-built and strong-looking fighter.

Dee Jay is an active, faster movements, and a look straight out of Jamaica.

The next fighter, Manon, had ballet dancers and a quick change in her intro scene, which may point towards an agile fighting style.

Pour terminer, Marissa is a slow, fort, gladiator-style fighter who is built like a bodybuilder.

Aside from all the action shown in the trailer, fans were most excited to have an official release date for the game.

Street Fighter 6 will officially release on juin 6, 2023, which is when players will be able to access all of its features.

A beta launched earlier this year, and players were already excited by the part of a restricted version of the game.

Many people were spotted enjoying the wacky custom creations that could be made in the game’s character creator.

Malheureusement, these far-out designs could only be used in the hub, and will not be able to be used in online matches.

The beta did not include the single-player campaign that people were looking forward to.

toutefois, the bread and butter of the Street Fighter series, the online competitive matches, were still available to try with a limited roster of characters.

Numerous games will be announced at the game awards this year, with host Geoff Keighley claiming that plus de 50 new announcements will be featured.

Alongside the new games shown, awards will be given out to some of this year’s best games.

Stray has been the surprise of this year’s nominations, as an indie game that has broken into several categories usually reserved for triple-A games.

Written by Georgina Young on behalf of GL HF.

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