SYTYCD fans blast judge JoJo Siwa as ‘annoying’ & beg for less talking

SO You Think You Can Dance fans have slammed new judge JoJo Siwa for being “obnoxious” as she gives lengthy comments during the show.

The 19-year-old has joined Season 17 of SYTYCD as a new panelist, alongside Matthew Morrison and StephentWitchBoss.

信用: 狐狸

信用: 狐狸

After almost three years off the air, the dance competition series returned to Fox last week with its first episode since the pandemic began.

Viewers were introduced to the new judges as they met the first batch of auditioners, but come episode 2, fans were still not on board with all the newcomers.

On Wednesday night, social media users blasted JoJo for using up a lot of the show time with her reactions and notes.

Aside from the length of her speeches, the volume of her voice compared to others also irritated some, with many begging for the mic to be turned down or for her to tone down the enthusiasm.

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One annoyed fan wrote: “Jojo’s mic is on a 10 & I’m gonna need it on a 2.”

第二条推文: “I know Jojo Siwa’s thing is the verbal version of typing in all caps, but we have a whole season left and I’m already overwhelmed.”

三分之一说: “If Jojo doesn’t stop talking, I’m going to have to watch this on mute!

“Please God tell me she is just on for one week…. This is so painful, and I look forward to this show every year!”


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Others said all of her comments have been “obnoxious” and “annoying.”

起初, 季节 16 judges Nigel Lythgoe, Mary Murphy, and Laurieann Gibson were all scheduled to return for the new season.

然而, due to the Covid delay, the show chose a new panel.

当时, Nigel took to Twitter to confirm he would not be back.

“I am so thrilled that America’s young aspiring dance talent will get to work with some of our greatest creative choreographers,“ 他写了.

“On a personally sad note, I have not been asked to be on the judging panel this season. I don’t know who will be saying ‘Cue Music’ but I wish them well.”

Fox soon announced that JoJo, who made a name for herself after joining Dance Moms in season two, was set to be one of the judges.

The popular dancer-singer had previously competed on Dancing with The Stars alongside Jenna Johnson.

Broadway actor and Glee alum Matthew Morrison was also chosen as a Season 17 judge, along with dancer and choreographer StephentWitchBoss.


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He first rose to fame in 2008 as the runner-up on So You Think You Can Dance and later returned to judge season 15 在 2018.

tWitch is also known for his role on The Ellen DeGeneres Show as a dancer, DJ, and co-executive producer.

信用: 狐狸

信用: 狐狸



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