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Cosas que NUNCA debes hacer en una cena – incluyendo hablar de sexo

THE ultimate dinner party faux pas include using a mobile at the table, discussing your sex life and vaping, a survey found.

Una encuesta de 2,000 adults revealed the top 40 things you shouldn’t do at a social dinner – with vaping or smoking indoors coming top.

Brits shouldn't be on their phones at the table. según la investigación

Brits shouldn’t be on their phones at the table. según la investigaciónCrédito: Getty

Serving burnt and uncooked food and picking bits out of your teeth at the table also featured in the list.

When it comes to alcohol, drinking too much came in at number 13, while spilling red wine on light carpet or furniture took eleventh place.

It also emerged three in 10 adults have made a faux pas at a dinner party or social occasion, y 40 per cent have witnessed others do so.

More than a fifth have spilt food and drink, mientras 19 per cent turned up late and 18 per cent have called someone by the wrong name.

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Refugee Sofiia wore low cut top around my man… she was after him from day one


Refugee Sofiia wore low cut top around my man… she was after him from day one

Those polled also offered their tips for hosting, including turning the TV off, asking about dietary requirements beforehand and having a well-stocked drinks cabinet.

Courtney Field, spokesperson for Onken yoghurt, which commissioned the research to launch the Natural Set Supper Club dicho: “We know that when posed with the task of hosting dinner parties some people thrive cooking up multiple courses and others need more of a helping hand.

“The list of faux pas shows all that can go wrong at a dinner party, either accidentally or purposefully, from spilling food and drink, criticising the host and their cooking skills or taking a phone call at the table.

Hosting can be stressful, and there are naturally some elements that will be out of your control, but when you boil it down, there are two ingredients to a successful dinner partygood food and good company.

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I’ll raise my adopted twins & bio son as triplets, they’ve never known different

The study also revealed the top reasons people have left dinner parties early, including being offended by another diner, feeling sick from the food or alcohol and disagreeing with others on the likes of politics.

While one in 10 have been embarrassed by their other half at a social occasion.

Almost two thirds prefer dinner parties to be informal with many enjoying board or card games, cocktail making and charades when there.

Pero 44 per cent claimed the rise of living costs means they’re now more likely to host dinner at home than eat out.

The perfect occasion would include three courses – with roast chicken the most popular dish – with a start time of 18:54pm and finished by 11pm.

Other meals people like to see at dinner parties included curry, risotto and beef wellington, while hosts are most likely to cook Italian, Chinese and Indian cuisines.

The go-to topics of conversation around the table were found to be upcoming or past holidays, food and drink and TV shows and films.

And of those polled via OnePoll, four in 10 admitted it’s less enjoyable being a host than a guest because they can’t relax.

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Refugee Sofiia wore low cut top around my man… she was after him from day one


Refugee Sofiia wore low cut top around my man… she was after him from day one

Courtney added: “After the past few years, there is nothing better than getting family and friends back together for some delicious food.

Our new Natural Set Supper Club hopes to take the hassle out of hosting and build people’s confidence in the kitchen.


1. Vaping or smoking indoors

2. Using a mobile phone at the table

3. Serving undercooked food

4. Insulting the host’s décor

5. Overstaying your welcome

6. Burping after eating

7. Serving meat to a vegetarian

8. Getting into a public argument/disagreement with a partner

9. Serving burnt food

10. Picked food out of teeth at the table

11. Spilling red wine on light carpet or furniture

12. Turning up late

13. Drinking too much alcohol

14. Discussing your sex life

15. Flirting with guests who are in a relationship

16. Eating food off someone else’s plate

17. Not telling the host about dietary requirements

18. Drinking from someone else’s glass

19. Scoring the food out of 10

20. Spending all night in the kitchen and not socializing with your guests

21. Talking about a guest’s ex

22. Only offering tap water as a drink       

23. Eating from the sofa rather than at a table        

24. Eating with hands        

25. Asking for ketchup with a fancy meal

26. Sharing the whole event on social media

27. Spilling food or drink

28. Wearing slippers/loungewear

29. Calling someone the wrong name

30. Not offering a welcome drink

31. Not excusing yourself to go to the toilet

32. Making music playlist demands

33. Not removing your shoes at the front door

34. Using the host’s toilet for a number two

35. Gossiping

36. Discussing politics

37. Being overly friendly with new people

38. Serving drinks in wrong glasses e.g. wine in a gin glass

39. Using the incorrect cutlery

40. Serving incorrect wine with the dish e.g. red wine with fish