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Tudo o que você precisa saber sobre Dean Gaffney de EastEnders

DEAN Gaffney is best known for his role in EastEnders.

Mas, who is he and when was he on I’m A Celebrity? Here’s the lowdown.

 Dean is best known for his TV career

Dean is best known for his TV career

Who is Dean Gaffney?

Reitor Gaffney found fame through his TV career.

He was born in Londres em fevereiro 14, 1978.

The Hammersmith native trained at the Sylvia Young Theatre School and the Corona Theatre School.

Who did Dean Gaffney play in EastEnders?

Dean’s big break was when he was in EastEnders when he played Robbie Jackson.

He began his role in 1993 até 2003 before making a return in 2017.

When was Dean Gaffney on I’m a Celebrity?

The actor tried out the jungle life on I’m a Celebrity no 2006, during the sixth series of the show.

He shockingly confessed having an affair while speaking to David Gest in the jungle.

Dean finished the show in fifth place following a double eviction.

He was the eighth person to be voted out of the jungle and left a day before the live final.

Contudo, he is set to make a return to the All Stars version of the show which will air in 2023.

Is Dean Gaffney married and does he have any children?

Dean has two twin daughters, Charlotte and Chloe, with his former partner Sarah Burge.

Dean met Sarah when he was 15 and dated for 22 anos, before the couple split in 2015.