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La mamá adolescente Amber pide "positividad"’ después de que su ex la acusa de abusar de la metanfetamina

TEEN Mom Amber Portwood asked for “positividad” from her followers after her ex Andrew Glennon accused her of abusing meth and her daughter Leah, 12, has refused her apology.

Ámbar, 31, shared her treats for the spooky season on Instagram.

Amber Portwood had Halloween candy for her 'neighbors and their kiddos'

Amber Portwood had Halloween candy for her ‘neighbors and their kiddosCrédito: Instagram/Amber Portwood
Amber was accused of being 'under the influence of illegal drugs'

Amber was accused of being ‘under the influence of illegal drugsCrédito: MTV

En el chasquido, there was a ghost-shaped sign that saidBooand a skull surrounded by three bowls of sweet candy.

The Teen Mom OG star mentioned that the chocolate candy and the lollipops were forall of my neighbors and their kiddos.

The MTV mom said that her Halloween treats wouldbe waiting for you.

Amber captioned the post: “Sending love from me and bubs.

Ella añadió: “Positive and Happy Halloween everyone!”

The MTV mom and her baby daddy Gary share their 12-year-old daughter Leah.

During the last season of the MTV show, Leah told her mother she did not want to work on their relationship because she has been inconsistent in her life.

Although Amber sent her daughter a heartfelt apology video on a recent episode, Leah has continued to ignore her mother’s attempts at reconciliation.

Emilee Grace is the daughter of Gary and his wife Kristina Anderson.

She also has a son James, Tres, who she shares with Andrew.


Recientemente, Andrew and Amber have been in a nasty custody war over their son James since their split back in 2019.

The Sun exclusively revealed that Andrew has demanded that Amber take a hair follicle test after he allegedly witnessed her displaying “paranoid” behavior during a recent custody exchange.

Andrew claimed in the custody court papers that Amber has a “history of substance abuse, even while pregnant with and subsequently caring for the minor child herein,” a claim which the TV star denied in her response.

He alleged that at a parenting exchange on October 16, Amber was “acting erratically, speaking frantically, and appeared completely paranoid and disheveled.”

The court papers alleged: "[Ámbar] went so far as to allege that two nearby vehicles were ‘staking her out’ and waved down Petitioner/Father as he was leaving with the minor child to ask him to tell the individuals in the nearby vehicles to ‘stop’ staking her out.”

Andrew claimed he has “witnessed Amber under the influence of illegal drugs previously, specifically methamphetamine,” which happened to be the formal name for meth.


Amber has denied those drug allegations and said: “Mother denies adamantly the allegations made in Father’s Motion and believes that a hair follicle test is unnecessary due to her history of negative drug screens and the continued requirement to submit to same.

She claimed that theFather’s Motion is nothing more than yet another attempt to paint Mother in a negative light.

“Mother verifies that she has not used any substance, except for prescription medication taken within the therapeutic limits.”

At the beginning of October, the TV personality claimed during an Instagram Live feed that herbig” alumnos were due to medications and the “oscuro” lighting of herf**king house.

Amber had to defend herself after Teen Mom fans had accused her of relapsing and being on drugs.

Andrew Glennon has been in a nasty custody with Amber

Andrew Glennon has been in a nasty custody with AmberCrédito: MTV
Amber and her daughter Leah pictured together

Amber and her daughter Leah pictured togetherCrédito: MTV
Gary Shirley pictured with his wife Kristina

Gary Shirley pictured with his wife KristinaCrédito: Instagram

Teen Mom Amber Portwood tells fans her ‘huge pupilsare due to medications and dark lighting but not drugs

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