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El novio abusivo maneja tan peligrosamente que tengo miedo de subirme al auto

QUERIDA DEIDRE: HIS driving is so dangerous that I am scared to get in the car with my boyfriend.

estoy 27 and he is 29. We’ve been together for three years.

Boyfriend's driving is so dangerous that I'm scared to get in the car with him

Boyfriend’s driving is so dangerous that I’m scared to get in the car with him

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We had a row in the house which continued as we drove to a family gathering.

He drove so erratically it made me feel sick.

He kept accelerating, weaving in and out of cars then slamming on the brakes so I lunged forwards.

He knew I was upset and even though I told him to slow down, he carried on driving like a man possessed.

It’s not the first time he has scared me.

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He has broken and punched doors, a coffee table and kicked the kitchen cupboards.

He’s even hit me and tried to strangle me once.

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DICE DEIDRE: This is appalling abuse. There is never any excuse for violence.

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Despite your best efforts to make your relationship work, this man will not have a character transformation – and you can’t change him.

Talk to the National Domestic Abuse Helpline (, 0808 2000 247) for advice.