OLIVIA Attwood has revealed a huge achievement following her I’m a Celebrity drama.

ザ・ ラブアイランド 星, 31, was forced to pull out of I’m a Celebrity 後 48 hours on medical grounds.

Olivia shared a huge milestone with her followers

Olivia shared a huge milestone with her followersクレジット: インスタグラム
The Love Island star was forced to leave the jungle after 48 時間

The Love Island star was forced to leave the jungle after 48 時間クレジット: ITV

だが オリビア is pushing on and announced some exciting news about her recent documentary Getting Filthy Rich, which saw her meet various workers in the sex industry.

Fighting back tears in an Instagram story, 彼女は言いました: “Speaking of series two of Getting Filthy Rich, we found out last night that series one has been nominated for a fricking broadcasting award.

“お気に入り, 何? 彼ら, am I living in an alternative universe, what the f**k?

I’m so proud of that show and the team, we just had the most incredible team. 私, being trusted with this role…”

Olivia recently teased a second crack at the jungle crown next year.

The ITV2 reality star took to her Instagram for a tell-all Q&A last night, with one of her followers asking if she wouldtry again”.

Please go in I’m A Celeb again next year,” they asked, to which Olivia replied: “I would love to make it up to you guys at some point.

Alongside a snap of her living room, she teased: “Never say never.

他の場所, Olivia was once again forced to deny she is pregnant after her shock exit from the jungle.

オリビア, who is engaged to footballer Bradley Dack, hit back during the Q&A and begged her followers to stop asking all the time.

彼女は書いた: "お気に入り 300000 of these… nope. No pregnancies. (Let’s stop asking women this all the time too).」

Addressing her exit, she insisted she “wanted to leave the subject behind”, 追加する: “I know it doesn’t make sense to a lot of you, but it also doesn’t make a lot of sense to me if that makes you feel better.”