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You’ve Got Mail star unrecognisable after quitting acting to make doughnuts

SOBRE 20 years ago the nation went soppy over Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan’s star-crossed romance in You’ve Got Mail.

Pero ahora, one of its major child stars looks completely unrecognisable from her role as Annabelle.

Hallee rose to fame as Annabelle in the film

Hallee rose to fame as Annabelle in the filmCrédito: Warner Bros
She now looks all grown up and very different

She now looks all grown up and very differentCrédito: Instagram

The film, lanzado en 1998, saw Hallee Hirch play Annabelle, a relative of Tom’sthe daughter of his grandfather.

The fresh faced young actress played little Annabelle, who is famed for her angelic singing voice in the festive film.

The movie sees her sporting her natural brunette curls and looking youthful as the action rolls on, detailing the story of two rival bookshop owners.

sin embargo, she now looks very different over twenty years on from the movie, having grown up and quit acting for good.

Often taking to her Instagram to keep her fans up to date, Hallee, ahora 35, looks unrecognisable.

She still sports her natural curls, but wears them shorter, chopped at her shoulders, with a stylish fringe.

Hallee often poses for selfies on her Instagram, where she keeps her fans up to date with her new job.

The mother-of-two, who shares her children with her husband Ryan Martin, often posts parenting snaps online.

El par, who have been together for over ten years, now own a doughnut shop together near their home in North Carolina.

Hole Doughnutswhich has an impressive 21,000 seguidores en Instagram – is run by the couple and their friends.

En otra parte, the former actress, who describes herself on social media as aretired film/tv actor”, has a second account dedicated to her love of pole dancing.

Hallee was last seen in 2018, cuando ella reunited with her former co-stars from You’ve Got Mail.

Hallee came together with Jeffrey Scaperrotta played Tom’s much younger brother, Mate, to celebrate 20 years of the iconic Christmas film.

Jeffrey, 30, dijo HOY: “A lot of people, when I tell them that I’m in the movie, that’s all they ask me to do.

“Even now, 20 años después, they’ll go, ‘F-O-X.’ I’m always the Fox kid.”

“I wanted to be Meg Ryan when I grew up. And Tom Hanks was pretty well on my radar as well. So it was definitely, at that point in my life, the biggest win,” Hallee chimed in.

“I remember being at home and getting a phone call from my agent, and screaming and running around the house. And I think my mother was probably in tears.

“I have really lovely memories working with Tom Hanks.

The mother-of-two now owns a doughnut shop

The mother-of-two now owns a doughnut shopCrédito: Instagram
Hallee starred alongside Tom Hanks

Hallee starred alongside Tom HanksCrédito: Alamy

“Tom Hanks is, como, a people person. He is like the type of person who knew everybody on set’s name.”