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FORMER Coronation Street and Our Girl actor Sean Ward revealed he wasleft homelessfollowing his bonkers anti-vaxx campaign.

The actor previously earned around £100,000-year as Corrie bad boy Callum Logan and acted alongside Michelle Keegan before his life broke down.

The former Corrie star has been speaking out against Covid-19 measures

The former Corrie star has been speaking out against Covid-19 measuresCrédit: Instagram
Sean has previously opened up about his mental health and drug addiction

Sean has previously opened up about his mental health and drug addictionCrédit: Instagram / Sean Ward

Sean, 33, been open in the past about struggling with his mental health and how he battled addiction in the dark days of his fame.

On Loose Women in 2019, the actorwho was nominated for The British Soap Award for Villain of the Year the same yeartalked all about his depression.

The star told the panel he had turned to alcohol, cannabis and porn to cope.

He also shared with his social media followers how porn was “le diable” and ruined relationships, while he said cannabis made himdopey as hell”.

The actor recalled how he was afull-on recluse” et “spent thousands of poundson his drug habit before finally going sober.

Sean followed up in Le miroir by revealing how henearly took his own lifeat one point during the battle, and evenplanned how he was going to do it”.

Heureusement, his girlfriend at the time found a note he had written containing his plans and had his family intervene, sending him to therapy.

Récemment, Sean has been encouraging his fans to turn away from wide-spread medical advice as part of his anti-vaxx, anti-mask and anti-lockdown campaign.

Les plus lus à la télévision

Phillip Schofield de ce matin fond en larmes lors d'une finale télévisée émouvante


Phillip Schofield de This Morning fond en larmes lors d'une finale télévisée émouvante

Using his Twitter and Instagram accounts, the actor has promoted material slamming the Government’s lockdown procedures and the vaccine rollout, which has so far seen 71 per cent of the UK population protected from severe cases of the virus.

Earlier this month NHS England revealed the jabswhich are safe and effective in protection against the virushave saved 127,000 lives in England alone.

Studies have shown the jabs reduce your risk of getting seriously ill or dying from the disease, they reduce your risk of catching or spreading it and protect against variants.

Covid booster jabs protect against Omicron and offer the best chance to get through the pandemic, health officials have repeatedly said.

Aujourd'hui, new figures showed that the booster vaccine helps reduce the risk of dying from the Omicron variant by 95 pour cent.

The Sun’s Jabs Army campaign is helping get the vital extra vaccines in Britsarms to ward off the need for any new restrictions.


The Our Girl actor spoke out about the continuing rollout in August, and was spotted facing police at a rally outside London’s Television Centre.

His presence at the march came just a few months after he shared a video rant about the vaccine.

Sean was seen at another anti-lockdown protest in London last March, where he refused to wear a mask as he walked through the streets of London.

He posed for pictures with fans and shared pictures of his time at the 80,000-strong gathering, which he said was “for freedom”.

He was later seen surrounded by police at a third protest, as he joined others in Canary Wharf who stormed the HQ where the vaccines were approved.

Just this week, Sean was joined by his mum for a London protest againstvaccine mandates”, defending NHS workers being sacked for not having the jab.

The star looked to have travelled on the Tube mask-free.

Ailleurs, Sean encouraged his Twitter following toboycott Nextafter the store cut sick pay for unvaccinated workers earlier this month.

The star has since seen work dry up.


In an Instagram post this week, he revealed to his fans that he had lost “tout” due to his beliefs, including hisfour bed house”.

Firstly the work dried up. No one would hire me whether in front of or behind the camera, all my usual ways of making money just stopped, eventually I couldn’t afford the rent,” Sean explained.

I gave up my 4 bed house and moved onto my friend’s couch. I had to put all my belongings in storage. Après un certain temps, I couldn’t even afford to pay the storage bill.

After about four weeks of missing the payments – equating to about £500 – Safe store UK sold all belongings. My sofa, my bed frame, my office equipment, desk, La star de la télévision a célébré son 31e anniversaire avec une série de célébrations, wardrobes, mirrors, all my coats and clothes and my projector.

Everything to fill a house. My whole life was in that storage unit. I lost it all. I was devastated but I couldn’t ask for help because it was my choice to speak out.

Sean revealed that he managed to get his mattress out before it was sold, and has been sleeping in a friend’s spare room forover a year now”.

He also revealed he couldn’t afford to run his Honda Civic motor – dubbed his “beautiful Jenny” and it was seized by the DVLA for having no tax.

Sean has been seen at a number of anti-vaxx rallies in London

Sean has been seen at a number of anti-vaxx rallies in London

Ex Coronation Street actor Sean Ward sparks fury telling fans not to have Covid vaccine