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Estoy encerrado en una fila de estacionamiento del aeropuerto 309 'adicional’ millas en mi Mercedes

A MUM is locked in a bitter dispute with an airport parking firm over an alleged 306 additional miles on her Mercedes.

Christine Mwanza, 28, la dejé C250d with the meet and greet service at Luton Airport before jetting off on a four-night break in Barcelona with her young daughter.

Christine Mwanza claims an airport parking firm drove her car 306 millas

Christine Mwanza claims an airport parking firm drove her car 306 millasCrédito: Christine Mwanza
The mum's dashboard after picking up her Mercedes following her holiday

The mum’s dashboard after picking up her Mercedes following her holidayCrédito: Christine Mwanza

She paid £60 to ensure the vehicle would be safe with Global Airport Parking, and an additional £19 to get it in and out of the car park.

But she says she was stunned to discover her mileage had risen from 72,114 para 72,420 on her return.

The company has denied any wrongdoing and insisted it drove her vehicle no more than 2.5 millas.

Christine, an agency staff nurse from Northampton who has to track her mileage for her job, dicho: “It was a shock to get in my car and see that.

I phoned them straight away and they denied it saying, ‘no we never used the car’, but I told them I’ve got evidence.

I know my car and I’m an agency nurse so my job involves reporting my mileage.

It’s not really about the money, but £60 doesn’t cover 306 millas.

I left my car in their hands and thought it would be safe, but they had the audacity to do that.

Unfortunately Christine’s Mercedes tracker app wasn’t activated so her car’s alleged journey can’t be traced.

But she does have records of her mileage for her last pre-holiday work shift, which indicate she had done 72,068 en septiembre 12 – the day before her flight.

The mum said she picked her daughter up from school that day then drove to the 40-odd miles to the airport, where she dropped the vehicle off having done a total of 72,114 millas.

She even texted her friend with the total before checking in.

I knew it had gone up, and I knew the fuel had dropped,” Cristina dijo.

I could understand if the car had been used for an extra five miles or so, or maybe even 50 miles in total to accommodate road works and so forth, but how can they think that 306 miles is acceptable? It’s a lot.

Global Airport Parking described the allegations asabsolutely absurd”.

But Christine is adamant her motor was used without her permission and has contacted Citizens Advice and the British Parking Association for guidance.

It was a shock to get in my car and see that.

Christine Mwanza

She also wants to warn others to do their research before booking an airport meet and greet serviceand to always take a record of their mileage before handing over the keys.

I don’t want anyone to go through what I went through,” ella dijo.

My holiday was nice and I came back feeling refreshed and ready to go back to work, and then this happened. It’s not ideal at all.

It takes value off your car and I never travel that much, even for work. I say no to jobs more than 80 kilómetros de distancia.

I’ve contacted the company so much but I just keep hitting a brick wall. They keep hanging up on me.

They were ignoring me so I called on my work phone and they finally picked up.

They told me to email a complaint, lo cual hice, but I haven’t heard anything.

A spokesperson for the un vestidor aún más grande y un balcón que da a la entrada del puerto de Poole firm said: “If the customer doesn’t have photos [of their mileage before and after], we can’t help.

A second representative added: “We have never had any such complaint from any of our thousands of customers.

We deal with Masseraris, Porches, and all other types of cars. We don’t need to do this.

It is absolutely absurd. We have no comment to make on the matter.