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Danica takes swipe at Love Island co-star for being mental health advocate

LOVE Island’s Danica Taylor has taken a swipe at her co-star Jacques O’Neill over trying to be a mental health advocatedespite bullying claims.

The 21-year-old says he needs towork on himself firstbefore helping others.

Danica Taylor hit out at her former co-star

Danica Taylor hit out at her former co-starCrédito: INSTAGRAM
Jacques O'Neill had to apologise for 'bullying' behaviour

Jacques O’Neill had to apologise for ‘bullying’ comportamentoCrédito: Splash

Last week Jacques was forced to apologise after being accused of “assédio moral” Tasha and Remi both in and out of the villa.

It came after he was hailed aninspiration” e “modelo a seguir” for speaking out about his struggles with ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder).

But in an interview with Johnny Seifert on Secure The Insecure podcast, Danica insisted there was work to be done before Jacques could be a mental health advocate.

“É como, sim, be an advocate for mental health, but have you been the correct advocate?

There was obviously the Jacques and Remi situation. I wasn’t even in the villa at this point when things kicked off and it’s not really my place to comment so I don’t know sort of what did go on, but all I know is you can’t deny somebody’s feelings.

And if Remi feels that he’s been bullied, and he feels like he wants justice for the way he was treated in there, then I don’t think he’s wrong for saying that because, novamente, it’s a human emotion if that’s how he felt then it should be looked into.

So then it is hard because it’s like if you’ve made somebody feel that way to the point where they strongly want the justice and the recognition that they were made to feel that kind of way in the villa, then being a mental health advocate is, Está… Está… Não sei. It’s hard. I don’t even know how you navigate around a situation like that.

Agreeing that it was important Jacques had worked on his issues through therapy, Danica added: “It’s not that Jacques can’t be an advocate for mental health, mas…

“…I think it’s important to maybe just take time to really understand and reflect on why that person has felt the way they have.

When people say about bullying and things like that, if you can sit there and be like, Oh, você sabe, I suffered mental health, but then you’ve been a bully.

I’m not saying you can’t suffer with mental health, but you need to maybe reevaluate maybe why and dig deeper as to why you are the way you are. I think everything comes down to sort of like childhood the way been brought up things that you’ve been through.

After apologising to Tasha and Remi in an open statement online,

Jacques revealed he is in therapy and had already had his first sessionbut insisted he is not looking for sympathy.

Rugby player Jacques said: “I just want to acknowledge the situation that’s happening right now and apologise if my behaviour has caused offence or been misinterpreted over the last few weeks.

I genuinely have no bad feelings towards anyone and I’ve not meant for anything to come across that way at all.

It was not my intention and I’m genuinely sorry if it has.

Danica didn't hold back on her feelings

Danica didn’t hold back on her feelingsCrédito: Splash