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Spoilers de Emmerdale: Chas se hunde a un nuevo mínimo sobre su hijo Aaron después de la revelación del asunto

THE Dingle clan is still reeling from the shock of Liv Flaherty and Faith Dingle’s deaths.

sin embargo, Chas has other priorities as she tries to keep her son Aaron from exposing her affair to everyone in Emmerdale.

Chas is desperate to keep her affair a secret

Chas is desperate to keep her affair a secretCrédito: ITV
But what if her son Aaron spilled the beans?

But what if her son Aaron spilled the beans?Crédito: ITV
Paddy is trying to hold everything together

Paddy is trying to hold everything togetherCrédito: ITV

Fan favourites Liv and Faith (respectively portrayed by Isobel Steele y Sally Dexter) have been killed off as the ITV soap celebrated fifty years on our screens.

While the village veteran decided to take her own life, the barista died in heart-breaking scenes in her husband’s arms after being crushed by a caravan.

This was also a shock to Aaron (Danny Miller) who was ready to leave his half-sister and the Dales behind once again before the tragedy.

mientras tanto, he’s also at odds with his mother Chas (lucy pargeter).

La próxima semana, sin embargo, the Woolpack manager tries to keep her head held high, despite the emotional weight of losing her mother.

She proposes the idea of a joint funeral for Liv and Faith and Vinny Dingle (Bradley Johnson) agrees with herbut rules himself out of having any involvement in the plans.

Aaron is secretly in disbelief that Chas could suggest to help arrange Liv’s funeral and he’s ready to blow up at his own mother.

Chas becomes aware that Aaron is fuming and is terrified he will spill the beans.

Aaron knows that his mother has been romantically involved with businessman Al Chapman (Michael Wildman) and was ready to keep the secret on the condition Chas ended things.

Pero, as viewers know, Chas and Al are still very much an item behind closed doorsdespite their respective relationships.

Aaron is eventually pushed by Paddy Dingle (Dominic Brunt) to patch things up with Chas.

Their discussions eventually turns to the topic of Al and Aaron accuses Chas of still seeing him which she denies.


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Backed into a corner, Chas sinks to a new low and emotionally blackmails Aaron into staying quiet.

She’s then relieved when he decides to leave the village, de nuevo, knowing her secret will remain safe.

Chas covers when Paddy expresses sadness at the news of Aaron’s exit.

Pero, soon enough, Paddy feels that not everything is stacking up and he begins to worry.

Will he find out the truth about his wife?

Emmerdale airs from Monday to Friday at 7.30pm on ITV.

Aaron is distraught following the death of his sister Liv

Aaron is distraught following the death of his sister LivCrédito: ITV
Could he tell Paddy all about Chas' affair?

Could he tell Paddy all about Chas’ amorío?Crédito: ITV