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How to find out if your area is affected by the hosepipe ban

WATER companies can set restrictions on how households use sprinklers and hosepipes in times of shortages.

So is there a ban in force now, and how can you find out if your area is affected?

What is a hosepipe ban?

In times ofserious shortage“, water companies can set restrictions on how households use water.

In most cases, shortages are due to a below average amount of rainfall, known as a drought.

UN drought is a sustained period of low rainfall which can cause reservoirs to run dry.

These bans prohibit people from using hoses for various purposes outside, and people are asked to be mindful of how much water they’re using while they are in force.

In times of "serious shortage", water companies can set restrictions on how households use water

In times ofserious shortage”, water companies can set restrictions on how households use water

They’re no longer referred to as hosepipe bans by water companies themselves, and were replaced in 2010 by temporary use bans (Tubs).

How do I check if my area is affected by the hosepipe ban?

After the scorching summer heatwave in 2022, many utility companies have announced hosepipe bans as the threat of water shortages looms.

Residents in Hampshire e il Isle of Wight will be subject to restrictions from Friday, agosto 5.

South East Water announced a temporary usage ban for households in Kent e Sussex starting Friday, agosto 12.

Parts of Londra, Thames Valley and Yorkshire could be next if it remains dry.

You can use this postcode checker to find out which company provides your water services.

From there you can contact them to find out whether a ban is in place.

These are all the water companies operating in the UK according to

What are the rules during a hosepipe ban?

Temporary bans can make it illegal to water gardens or wash your car with a hosepipe.

They can also prohibit people from filling ponds, pools, and fountains from the mains supply, as well as cleaning windows, paths and decking using a hosepipe.

tuttavia, gardeners can still water the plants using a watering can.

While bans are in effect, consumers are also urged to be considerate with their water usage.

People are asked to have showers rather than baths and to ensure sure they don’t leave taps running while shaving or brushing their teeth.

Utility firms are given the powers under the Flood and Water Management Act 2010, which extended previous laws.

They can limit any or all of the activities, all the time or at set times of the day, for as long as they think necessary.

Anyone found guilty of breaking a ban can be prosecuted in a criminal court and fined up to £1,000.

Have there been hosepipe bans before?

In 2019, il UK faced its first hosepipe ban in seven years after steaming May temperatures.

In 2018, a hosepipe ban that affected millions in the north west of England was called off after a deluge of rain at the last minute.

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Water supplier United Utilities had planned the ban for seven million households from August 5, 2018.

But a sudden downpour at the end of the month prevented the ban at the eleventh hour.