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Cheap stair gates that are affordable and will keep your baby safe

IF you live in a home with stairs, having a stair gate is an essential part of baby proofing your home.

We explain the best place to install it and round up some of the most affordable options.

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What is a stair gate?

A stair gate is basically a safety barrier that stops your baby or toddler from going into an area that’s potentially dangerous for them.

They’re typically installed at the top and bottom of stairs but some parents like to have them in other rooms of the home too.

Stair gates can also be useful for keeping pets in a separate room.

Do you need stair gates?

If you have stairs in your home, having stair gates installed becomes an essential part of baby proofing your home, especially when your babies start crawling.

It’s an extra safety measure to prevent your kids from tumbling down the stairs.

Where to buy baby stair gates

Stair gates are widely available from high street retailers like Argos and John Lewis, both of which will deliver to your door.

You can also get them from specialist baby stores.

Before you buy one, make sure you double check which type it is as some are better suited for some areas of the home than others (see more below).

We’ve rounded up a range of cheap baby stair gates below.

1. Cuggl wall fix safety gate

Anerkennung: Argos

This gate is designed to be secured onto door frames and walls so it’s great for top of the stairs.

It’s suitable for openings of between 76cm and 81cm.

The door features a double-locking system and two-way opening, and parents should be able to open it using just one hand.

2. Symple Stuff Bettacare safety gate

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  • Symple Stuff Bettacare safety gate, £33.95 from WayfairKaufen Sie hier

This safety gate is pressure mounted and will close automatically after you’ve walked through, making it great for securing rooms.

The door will open both ways, so it won’t get in the way for adults.

And at 66.5cm wide, it’s designed to fit most openings and can be extended if you have a wider stairwell.

3. Babydan Super Flexi Fit extending safety gate

Anerkennung: Online4Baby
  • Babydan Super Flexi Fit extending safety gate, £24.95 from Online4BabyKaufen Sie hier

This budget safety gate from Babydan can work in awkward spaces as it can be fitted on the diagonal, as well as on inside or outside walls.

Plus, it can secure openings of between 67cm to 106cm, and be opened and closed using one hand

When not in use, it can be easily removed from the wall, making it a great one for grandparents who may only occasionally need to use it.

4. Safety 1st pressure fit safety gate

Anerkennung: Argos
  • Safety 1st pressure fit safety gate, £24.99 from ArgosKaufen Sie hier

With an extra-wide walkthrough and no drilling necessary, this safety gate from Safety 1st is popular with parents for its ease of assembly and durability.

It fits openings of between 73cm and 80cm.

Note: it does feature a step-over bar, so avoid placing it at the top of the stairs (it could be a tripping hazard).

5. John Lewis & Partners extending wooden safety gate

Anerkennung: John Lewis
  • John Lewis & Partners extending wooden safety gate, £40 from John LewisKaufen Sie hier

If you’re looking for a wooden safety gate, you can still find one in the budget range.

This design from John Lewis will extend to fit spaces between 64cm and 106cm wide.

Crafted from beech, this stair gate requires drilling but once it’s in place it’ll be super secure.

6. Hauck Open N Stop metal pressure fix safety stair gate plus extension

Anerkennung: via online4baby
  • Hauck Open N Stop metal stair gate, £28.95 from online4babyKaufen Sie hier

Thanks to the gate extension that’s included in this kit, this durable stair gate will fit wider openings of between 75cm to 90cm.

The door can be opened with one hand and features a child safety lock.

It’s pressure mounted, so is best suited for the bottom of the stairs and doorways.

7. Lindam Easy Fit deluxe safety gate

Anerkennung: Argos

This well-reviewed safety gate fits openings of between 76cm and 82cm, but can be extended to work in spaces up to 117cm (extensions sold separately).

If you’re using on the stairs, the gate opens in one direction; for standard doorways, it can swing both ways.

The pressure-fit design promises a five-minute installation.

8. Dreambaby Cosmopolitan security gate

Anerkennung: via UberKids
  • Dreambaby Cosmopolitan security gate, £34.98 from UberKidsKaufen Sie hier

This pressure mounted security gate from Dreambaby is ideal for busy parents.

The door swings open both ways and automatically locks once you close it.

And if you need to keep it open, there’s a smart latch you can toggle on to stop it locking.

9. John Lewis & Partners Anyday extending metal safety gate

Anerkennung: John Lewis
  • Anyday extending metal safety gate, £29 from John LewisKaufen Sie hier

This budget-friendly safety gate from John Lewis’s Anyday range is fixed to the wall using screws meaning it’s a great option for the top of the stairs.

Its clever extendable design means it can fit openings between 62.5cm to 106.8cm without the need to buy additional extensions.

To make it easier for adults, the door opens both ways and can be unlocked using one hand.

10. HOMCOM baby safety gate

Anerkennung: via The Range

This safety gate is ideal for securing openings of up to 71cm in width.

It’s pressure mounted for easy installation and comes with all the fixtures and fittings.

For adults, the gate can be easily opened using just one hand.

How to block stairs without a baby gate

As a baby gate is just a safety barrier, there are other ways of creating the same effect.

You could install a door or a sturdy screen for example, although it will likely cost more than a baby gate.

The benefit of making your own is that it will better fit the decor of your homejust make sure you take into consideration all the safety features you get on baby gates in your design and that it’s secured in place.

Do you need baby gates at the top and bottom of the stairs?

Das NHS advises fitting safety gates to the top and bottom of the stairs and using them until your child is at least two years old.

We’d suggest keeping them fitted for even longer, especially if your child has a tendency to get out of bed and wander out of their room at night.

Some parents only install baby gates at the top of the stairs, but then you might be faced with the issue of a curious baby repeatedly trying to climb the stairs from the bottomand putting themselves at risk of falling.

Even with stair gates installed, you want to spend time teaching your little one how to get down stairs safely by helping them make their way down on their belly, feet first.

Are pressure mounted baby gates safe for the top of the stairs?

Pressure mounted gates tend to have a step over bar, which should only be used on door frames or on the bottom of the stairsnever at the top, as they may pose a trip hazard.

Pressure mounted baby gates can also be pushed out of the way more easily than a screw fit gateanother reason you don’t want to install one at the top of your stairs.

It’s safe to use pressure mounted gates to close off rooms or doorways on the same floor.

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