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Fan de Reservoir Dogs enjaulado por matar a ex que murió décadas después de que él la prendiera fuego

A RESERVOIR Dogs-obsessed killer has been jailed for murdering his ex who died 21 years after he doused her with petrol and set her alight.

Steven Paul Craig, 57, left Jacqueline Kirk with 35 per cent burns to her body and severe ongoing medical problems.

Steven Craig has been jailed for life

Steven Craig has been jailed for lifeCrédito: Pensilvania
Jacqueline died 21 years after he set her alight

Jacqueline died 21 years after he set her alightCrédito: Pensilvania

He was convicted of GBH with intent Jacqueline Kirk two years after the horror in 1998.

Pero en 2019, Jacqueline died in hospital aged 61 after her diaphragm rupturedleading to Craig being charged with murder.

He has now been jailed for lifeafter jurors previously found the injuries Jacqueline suffered were linked to her death.

Bristol Crown Court heard how Craig and Jacqueline had been together for around three to four years at the time of the attack.

En 18 abril 1998, he poured petrol over her and set her alight in a car park in Weston-Super-Mare in Somerset.

The monster carried out the attack in a chilling imitation of the famous torture scene from Quentin Tarantino’s 1991 película, Reservoir Dogs.

Jacqueline was rushed to hospital but suffered burns to her neck, pecho, manos, torso, upper thigh and buttocks.

She was also forced to undergo 14 operationsincluding skin graftsand was discharged eight months later.

Recalling the horror at his original trial, mum-of-two Jacqueline said: “Steve told me to pass him a bottle full of petrol and he told me to put my head down. I pushed it down as far as I could, then he poured the petrol over me.

I could feel it going all down my face and neck. I was just thinking I was going to get battered.

She was then given a cigarette and told it may be her last. He then told her: “See how calm your nerves are.

Jacqueline added: “I took the cigarette and he gave me a light. I just saw a blue flame flash past. I can remember Steve walking away about three paces.

I started to feel my arms burning. I turned around and I said ‘Help me’.

He told me to roll. I rolled over and I thought it had gone out, but then whoosh, it went up again. I could not get anything out of my mouth other than ‘Help me’.

Steve told me to roll againthe next thing I remember is waking up in intensive care.

Craig was handed a discretionary life sentence with a minimum term of nine years for GBH with intent and two other offences in 2000.

He served over 15 years in prison before being charged with murder in June 2021 after Jacqueline’s death.

Dramatic footage showed him being arrested as he sat on the ground rolling a cigarette.

Craig at first appears shocked, but then asks: “So she died from her injuries. That makes me responsible for murder?”

During the murder trial, the prosecution argued the burns and scarring on Jacqueline’s body meant her skin could not stretch far enough to accommodate the swelling of her intestines.

Doctors also felt Jacqueline was toofrailto operate on to repair the diaphragm and save her life.

Speaking after the case, Jacqueline’s daughter, Sonna said: “She found it very hard because she couldn’t get people to understand what she was saying because the tracheostomy made it very hard for her voice to be heard.

But she still made a big point of making her voice heard as much as she could.

She survived and she wasn’t meant to survive.

And then she wasn’t meant to recover and when we didn’t think she was ever going to come out of the coma they put her in, we just assumed that was going to be the last days of her life.

But day by day went and after a month, they brought her out of the coma and she had to face god knows how many challenges and how many operations and the fact she had no voice and she was really weak and she was confined to this room in hospital.

But she kept on going and she was determined to be herself again.

Craig was arrested as he sat on the ground

Craig was arrested as he sat on the groundCrédito: SWNS
It came after Jacqueline's death in 2019

It came after Jacqueline’s death in 2019Crédito: SWNS
Jacqueline had survived the attack in 1998

Jacqueline had survived the attack in 1998Crédito: Pensilvania
She suffered burns to her body but saw her children get married

She suffered burns to her body but saw her children get marriedCrédito: Pensilvania
The mum pictured before the attack

The mum pictured before the attackCrédito: Pensilvania