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I’m tempted to call off our wedding after my wife got frisky with a stripper

DEAR DEIDRE: MY fiancée couldn’t remember much of her hen night but I’ve seen a video of her behaviour and I’m tempted to call off the wedding.

Ela é 29 Comecei um caso lésbico com minha sogra durante o bloqueio 33.

I feel disgusted - I still love her but can I trust her?

I feel disgustedI still love her but can I trust her?

We love one another and I couldn’t have been happier on the day she said she’d marry me.

But I can’t stop the images of her grabbing another man’s parts from popping up in my mind.

When I proposed last year, we were at our usual holiday park with our little boy. We adore him and I was enjoying our family fun.

I’d saved some money and bought a “mates’ rates” ring from my uncle’s jewellery shop and popped the question to my girlfriend as the sun set over the sea. Our wedding is set for next month.

My mates and I did a pub crawl for my stag-do and I thought it was reckless enough when my friends tied me and a blow-up doll to a lamp post for 20 minutos.

But my fiancée’s was up one huge notch on our antics.

She woke up with a monster hangover but said she’d had a great time — a meal in a restaurant and a dance in a local club.

She played down the pre-drinks session at her best mate’s saying she hardly remembered it.

Aparentemente, she didn’t eat all day so got “giddy pretty quickly”.

Then her best mate sent a video of my fiancée to another friend and I saw it.

Her friends had ordered her a stripagram. I thought those days were over, mas não, in walked a fake policeman pretending to arrest my fiancée.

He started taking off his “uniform”, went down to his thong and squirted cream down there.

Much to the amusement of her friends, Eu vi my fiancée straddle him, grab his manhood and shake it.

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She says she can’t remember a thing.

I feel disgusted. I still love her but can I trust her?

DEIDRE DIZ: sim. We can all behave out of character when alcohol is involved.

You love this woman and you know she’d never behave like this sober.

She was goaded on by her friends so she went along with it. She was drunk.

She had no recollection of this part of the evening and unfortunately, this was a bit of fun which went too far.

She’s probably feeling embarrassed and humiliated.

Talk to her and let her know how hurt you feel, ask for her reassurance that she won’t behave like that again.

She needs to understand you won’t brush this off as trivial behaviour.

What you have together is made of strong stuff.

Put this issue behind you and go on and have a fantastic wedding day and a long and happy life together.