MORE youngsters love the monarchy after the nation came together in the weeks after the Queen’s death, a new poll reveals.

Support for the 王室 has soared among Gen Z with a majority now thinking they should remain in place.

Support for the Royal Family has soared

Support for the Royal Family has soaredクレジット: ゲッティ

ランカシャーのダーウェンとのブラックバーンは、Covidの症例の割合が引き続き最も高い, by J.L Partners show that every age group in Britain supports the Crown, while across the nation 66 per cent want them to remain in place.

Back in February just 47 のパーセント 18 に 24 year olds supported a continuation of the monarchy.

It has now risen to 55 パーセント.

ウィリアム王子 is now the most popular Royal, とともに +69 評価, followed by wife Princess Catherine (+68) and his aunt, アン王女 (オン +67).

King Charles has a +41 per cent rating, から +27 per cent in February.

James Johnson, co-founder of J.L. Partners said: “The last few weeks have saddened the British public, but also rallied them around the crown.

“Britons’ approval of the King remains some way off their massive affection for the late Queen Elizabeth, but his popularity has risen sharply since earlier this year.

“And though enthusiasm is highest amongst older people, a majority in every age group and supporters of every political party back the monarchy to continue.

“In a divisive political world, this poll shows that the Royal Family remains Britain’s greatest unifier.”

Prince Harry has a positive rating of +3, から -13 in February while wife Meghan remains in negative territory, オン -22 .

Scandal-hit Prince Andrew is the most unpopular Royal with a net rating of -68.