SINGING superstar Ed Sheeran paid himself £8.4m last yearafter raking in £34m.

The pop sensation is worth around £250m and makes a point of not employing teams of accountants to look into complicated ways to reduce his tax burden.

Ed Sheeran is raking it in and pays huge amounts of tax

Ed Sheeran is raking it in and pays huge amounts of tax

And new figures for his music empire have revealed the eye-watering sums エド hands over to the tax office.

He paid £4.9m in Corporation Tax in 2021 and £4.4m in 2020.

But that still left him with plenty of readies because he raked in astonishing £34m last year after storming the charts again.

He released hit album ‘=‘ and three singles including 悪い習慣.

The monster turnover was up on the £31m he raked in during 2020

Ed’s pre-tax profit was £25.7m for 2021- an increase of £21.4m on the previous 12 月

And he took an £8.4m dividend from Ed Sheeran Ltddown on the £21.4m he paid himself in 2020.

But figures from newly released accounts reveal the firm has assets and cash of £39m.

The figures will also take in cash from his only 2020 release Afterglow which landed in December last year and was too late to feature in the firm’s previous accounts that took in the 12 months trading to 31 12月 2020

And generous Ed also hands over cash to 家族, 友達 and good causes.

He once revealed: 「それは, earn a penny, spend a penny with me. As soon as it comes in, it goes out. I don’t have that much value on it. I have more value on my friends and family being OK.

“A lot of my money goes to charity or to children’s hospitals near where I live. I have enough to be comfortable and the rest goes to help people.”