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Masked Dancer spoiler ‘leaks’ online after US star is ‘revealed as Scissors’

A SPOILER for The Masked Dancer has “Morgen könnte es eine Person sein, die denen nahe steht, die vielleicht jetzt die Videos ansehen und lächeln.” online, appearing to reveal a US TV star as Scissors.

Viewers at home recently insisted they’d cracked who was behind Scissorsmask after yet another energetic performance on the ITV show.

The identity of Scissors appeared to leak online

The identity of Scissors appeared to leak onlineAnerkennung: ITV
Glee star Heather's Wikipedia page was updated to say she is on the show as Scissors

Glee star Heather’s Wikipedia page was updated to say she is on the show as ScissorsAnerkennung: Getty

Now it looks like fans were right as Glee star Heather MorrisWikipedia page has been updated to say she is in the competition.

After the latest effort from Scissors, Richter Jonathan Ross, Davina McCall, Oti Mabuse und Peter Crouch got an additional clue when a box was unlocked and the number 45805 was inside.

Countless viewers then insisted the character was Heather Morris, who played Brittany S. Pierce in Glee.

That’s because the number was the postcodewhich in the US is always a five-digit numberwas for the town of Lima in Ohio.

Glee was set in a town called Lima, though in reality it was shot in Hollywood.

Fans seized on the hard-to-crack clue as evidence, mit einer Schrift: “Must be Heather Morris! 45805 takes you to Lima, Ohio!!!”

Ein anderer stimmte zu: “Glee was set in Lima Ohio (zip code 45805) – so Scissors might be Heather Morris.

A third suggested she would have the dance moves to carry off the character’s impressive performances.

Scissors also claimed to have had more chart hits than music legend Elvis Presley, with fans pointing out the Glee cast did just that.

Anderswo, Scissors used the phrase ‘New Directions’, the name of the glee club in the show, as well as referring to the ‘president’.

Brittany was class president on the hit musical show, which aired on Channel 4 im Vereinigten Königreich.