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Spoilers de Corrie: Evelyn Plummer leaves after one shift in a charity shop

EVELYN PLUMMER takes off for a few days after her first day working at the charity shop.

Things get a bit too much for Evelyn next week in Calle Coronación.

Evelyn does her first shift at the charity shop

Evelyn does her first shift at the charity shopCrédito: ITV

During Evelyn’s first shift at the charity shop, Joy lays down the ground rules whilst Evelyn is forced to bite her tongue.

After making a call, Evelyn reveals she’s off to Cornwall for a few days.

En otra parte, Leo’s dad Teddy warns him he’s mad to chuck his life away on a woman twice his age who can’t be trusted.

Leo voices his doubts to Gemma.

On a mission to prove that Stephen is a liar, Leo speaks to the estate agent who was booked to value Audrey’s house, before eavesdropping on a conversation with Gabrielle.

Confronting Stephen, Leo reveals he heard every word and knows his plan is to get his hands on the equity from Audrey’s house to pay her back.

As he follows Leo him onto the factory gantry, Leo taunts him, threatening to call Audrey.

Seeing red Stephen lunges at Leo, sending him falling over the railings.

As Leo lands with a thud on the commercial bin down below, Stephen hurries down the ladder to check if he’s ok.

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