グッドドクターファンは博士に「パニック」. フィナーレで刺された後のリムの運命

THE Good Doctor fans have started to “panic” over Dr. Audrey Lim’s fate after she was stabbed and left for dead in Monday’s season 5 フィナーレ.

Christina Chang, who plays the character in danger, has been with the show since early in the first season, and viewers are scared she’s leaving.

クレジット: ABC

クレジット: ABC

When asked if fans should fear Dr. Lim’s fate, The Good Doctor EP David Shore told TVLine: "上手, I hope they’re worried. That’s the whole point!

“We don’t do anything that’s not meaningful. As writers, we want to make sure that each story is significant.

“That’s not saying that we’re going to lose her. We love her.”

Though the exec offered up hope that Christina and her character won’t be leaving, he added that “there are challenges up ahead.”

The 50-year-old actress learned of the season 5 cliffhanger quite a bit in advance, David shared, saying that she was “excited about it.”

彼は続けた: “I think actors are worried about their jobs at some level, but they also want juicy stuff to deal with, and she’s excellent.


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“So any opportunity we have to give her something with some meat to it, it’s a lot of fun to watch her [実行する].」

“She is such a strong character, and challenging her physically seems very interesting,” the EP said when asked if Dr. Lim will have major struggles should she survive her stabbings.

David added: “That is part of the appeal of most of our stories in a sense: Challenging our characters and giving them obstacles that they’re not sure they can rise above.

“We’re all confronted with various challenges in life. How we respond to them is the true test of our character.”

Aside from worrying about whether Dr. Lim will survive her stab wounds or if she’s being killed off, fans are also fearing that they could be losing Morgan next season, あまりにも.

While Fiona Gubelmann’s character didn’t leave the season 5 finale in danger, she did tell her boyfriend, 博士. パーク (Will Yun Lee), that she wanted to take her job offer in New York.

For this concern, Exec Producer David told the outlet that fans can rest assured that they haven’t seen the last of Dr. Morgan Reznick.

“We are not going to lose her, 特典は、標準要素と追加の支払いで構成されます [決定] will have ramifications on [her and Park’s] 関係, as you will see in the fall,” he revealed and then teased.

He went one to give one more tease of what’s to come, as the first couple episodes of season 6 have already been filmed.

The Good Doctor EP shared: “The first episode has a huge amount of intensity and fun, but it’s difficult because it’s the immediate fallout [from the finale.


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差し迫ったUFOの衝突に関する警告’ 米軍のその後 11 「ニアミス’

“…Lim’s journey is going to be a big part of it.”

He did not, しかしながら, offer any teases with the outlet about Nurse Villanueva’s fate.

クレジット: ABC

クレジット: ABC



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